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"At your service."
―The Genie's first words after being summoned out of his lamp by Squatt.[src]

"Your wish is my command."
―The Genie upon being grown and when being told to kill the Rangers.[src]

―The Genie when his lamp was destroyed and his final words before his death.[src]

Genie's lamp.png

The Genie is the magical jackal-headed genie themed monster, who served Rita Repulsa. He was originally trapped in the magical lamp, but then he was freed by Rita's henchmen and started to serve her and help her defeat the Power Rangers. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Switching Places".


A drawing of Genie appears on a page next to an illustration of King Sphinx in Finster's monster book.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Happy Birthday, Zack

The Genie was trapped in the Lamp on the planet Kanyn 4 in the Wolf's Head galaxy. The Lamp was found by Squatt and Baboo and they released Genie. Genie arrived to Rita's palace and agreed to serve Rita and destroy the Power Rangers. Goldar sent Genie to Earth in the lamp, to not been discovered by Zordon. The Genie was released and enlarged by Rita. He attacked Angel Grove and encountered the Rangers. Genie was a powerful monster. He overpowered the Megazord. However, Alpha sent the Lamp to two different locations at once, vaporizing it and causing The Genie to disappear. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Switching Places


Genie was a mythical, mysterious and calm individual. He was shown to be highly loyal and faithful to Rita and genuinely served her and helped her to defeat the Power Rangers.

Powers And abilities

  • Strength: The Genie knocked back the Megazord with single swings of his spear.
  • Endurance: The Genie was able to twist his drill staff's handle without getting tired for an extended period of time.
  • Invincibility: The Genie is invincible and unstoppable for as long as his lamp is intact. Without it, he will cease to exist.
  • Dart Shooting: The Genie can throw forth his arm, generating and firing spears from behind his back. They would form a circle around the Rangers and harm them somehow.
  • Web Shooting: The Genie can fling webbing from either hand strong enough to restrain all five Rangers and later the Megazord.
    • Electrocution: The Genie can shoot blue lightning from his hand, electrocuting the web to shock his enemies. This took down all five Rangers and crippled the Megazord.


  • Drill Spear: The Genie gained a massive spear tipped with a drill on the end to hack and slash the Megazord and later to drill it into oblivion.

Behind The Scenes



  • The Genie is the final monster to appear before the first appearance of Tommy Oliver and the final monster until the Hatchasaurus to not be fought by a Sixth Ranger.
  • The reason the Genie was destroyed by the destruction of his lamp was because in Zyuranger, some bratty kids found and rubbed it so he went back inside and was free of Bandora's control. This footage was unusable and had to be replaced for obvious reasons.
  • Genie is featured in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game for the SNES, as the fourth level's boss. He possesses new abilities in the game not used in the episode, such as sending four hovering daggers and a row with four balls of fire down at the Rangers as attacks.

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