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"I was bikka bika beaten. Big Sneeze!"
―Final words before his death

Generator Banki (ハツデンバンキ Hatsuden Banki): An electrical generator Land Barbaric Machine Beast that generates large amounts of electricity when he turns his crank. To stop him from turning it, Sousuke gets close to him but he does generate lighting and it hits both of them. They wake up in each other's bodies and the Go-onger initially believe Sousuke is sick but Speedor is able to tell them. Yogostien tries using this to this advantage by grabbing Sousuke's body and making the Go-Onger kill Sousuke inside Hatsuden, but the Go-onger were able to turn it around. The Engine Souls spun around Sousuke and made him into a soul chip and the Go-onger shot him in the Junction Rifle into Go-On Red. When Hatsuden returned to his body, they destroyed him with EngineOh G-6.


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