This article is about a/an Venjix Attack Bot in Power Rangers RPM.

The Generation 3 Textile Bot is one of Venjix's Attack Bots.

Character History

When Tenaya 7 & General Shifter went to test Tenaya's new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster, Tenaya also brought along this Attack Bot should any Rangers show up. The Textile Bot's Threads were made to molecularly mimic spider silk, making them strong enough to capture a jumbo jet, or Megazord.

When Gem & Gemma arrived in the wasteland to find the energy disturbance they had detected, they were ambushed by Tenaya 7, General Shifter & the Textile Bot. The bot battled the Silver Ranger and was too powerful for her. When the twins were able to regroup, Tenaya blasted them with her laser.

The two Rangers tried going to their Mach Megazord, but Tenaya shot it right out of the sky. Then the giant size Textile Bot used her threads to tie up the Megazord. The other Rangers arrived in their Megazords just in time. They were able to free the Mach Megazord. However, the Textile Bot was still to powerful for the three Megazords.

To make matters worse, Venjix showed up to fight in his Attack Ship. The Textile Bot had the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords tied up, but the Mach Megazord swooped in and freed them. Then Gold & Silver realized they had to work together with the other Rangers, and the Rangers were finally able to bring all three Megazords together to form the SkyRev Megazord.

With their new Megazord formation, the Rangers took to the skies and fired their combined blast. The blast destroyed the Attack Ship, along with the Textile Bot. Venjix managed to survive the blast.

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