This article is about a/an Venjix Attack Bot in Power Rangers RPM.

Generation 3 Chemical Bot is one of Venjix's Attack Bots.

Character History

This Generation Three bot was created by Tenaya 7 , and was equipped with toxins capable of putting all of the citizens of Corinth to sleep. Tenaya 7 was ordered to take the bot into the city and attack, and they did. The Gold & Silver Rangers battled the Grinders, while the other Rangers took on the Chemical Bot. They managed to beat the bot and force him to retreat. However, during the battle, the bot dropped a red bottle of toxin.

Later the Chemical Bot showed up at the Corinth Air Supply Systems. He placed a yellow chemical into the air supply machines. This toxin then caused all the men in Corinth to fall asleep. The red chemical that he had lost, would have caused all the women to fall asleep as well.

With only Summer, Gemma, Dr. K and Vasquez at City Command, the women of Corinth did not have much time. Summer laid out a plan, while Gemma made upgrades to the Road Attack Zord & Dr. K worked on an antidote.

When the Chemical Bot returned with Tenaya 7 & Grinders, Summer and Gemma showed up to fight them. They held them off for as long as they could, and then Summer ordered Vasquez to initiate Operation City Storm. Vasquez used the city Weather Controls to create a large Tornado Storm that blasted the Grinders with lightning and blew the Chemical Bot away with a tornado.

The Chemical Bot tried to escape, but the Red Ranger caught up to him. Thanks to Dr. K finding an antidote, the male Rangers were able to rejoin the battle. So the Red Ranger used the Road Attack Zord in his Battle Mode to fight the Chemical Bot. With the Zord's Burnout Attack, the bot was out.

Venjix made the Chemical Bot giant size and the Rangers, except for Red who was low on power, jumped to their Zords. They weakened the bot with their individual Zord attacks, and then destroyed him with attacks from the ValveMax & Mach Megazords.

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