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The Generation 16 Hyper Bot is one of Venjix's Attack Bots and is a minor villain of the episode "Key to the Past" and later the primary antagonist of the episode "Beyond a Doubt". It is a gorilla and dinosaur-themed Attack Bot.

Character History

This dinosaur, gorilla-like Attack Bot was originally intended to be the next body for Venjix. However, after Tenaya 7 managed to sabotage the bot, when General Shifter activated it to show its power, the monster attacked Venjix. The evil master then banished General Shifter. As he left, Shifter took Hyper Bot with him. In the Wastelands, Shifter vowed revenge on both the Rangers and Venjix. After the Ranger Operators defeated the Heat Bot, Shifter made his Hyper Bot grow and attack the Megazords, but then, he quickly retreated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Key to the Past

The Ranger Operators later learned that his first attack was to sample wavelengths and matrix data of the Bio Field, so that when he returned, he could gain control of any of the Rangers' technologies. The only way to stop him would be to get the Base Codes that were used to program the bot. Tenaya, now knowing that she was Dillon's sister and wanting to help, offered to get the codes. When Hyper Bot returned, the Ranger Red battled it with the PaleoMax Megazord. However, Shifter quickly upgraded Hyper Bot's power with a key of his. The key not only made Hyper Bot more powerful, but also allowed it to take control of the PaleoMax Megazord, forcing Ranger Red out. The ValveMax & Mach Megazords soon arrived and tried to stop the now-evil PaleoMax and Hyper Bot, but they weren't strong enough. Ranger Red rejoined the fight. He along with Rangers Blue and Yellow fought with the High Octane Megazord, but were still defeated. Luckily Tenaya came through with the Base Codes, and Dr. K was able to return the PaleoMax to normal. Dr. K then discovered the capabilities of all twelve Zords to combine together to form the RPM Ultrazord. The Rangers brought their Zords together to form the RPM Ultrazord, which towered over Hyper Bot. During the battle, Hyper Bot threw everything it had at the Ultrazord, but it was no use. The Ranger Operators used the Road Attack Zord's Burn Out finishing attack, and then finished Hyper Bot with the RPM Ultrazord's own finisher move. With Hyper Bot destroyed, the upgrade key from Shifter fell back to the ground. General Shifter then used the key on himself to make himself more powerful. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beyond a Doubt


Like other Attack Bots, it only speaks in loud roars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Hyper Bot is one of the more stronger Attack Bots, it takes the power of the RPM Ultrazord to finally bring it down for good.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Hyper Bot can leap at incredible distance.
  • Chest Energy Rings: Hyper Bot can fire red energy rings from its chest.
  • Elastic Whips: After getting a new key, the Hyper Bot gains a new ability where it can fire out tentacle like whips from its chest to force its targets out of a Megazord, allowing General Shifter to control that Megazord.
  • Chest Hyper Laser: Hyper Bot can also fire a powerful yellow energy laser from its chest. It can also be use to evil up the whips.
  • Lightning Vision: Hyper Bot can fire yellow lightning from its eyes that are strong enough to bring the Mach Megazord down to the ground in just one hit.
  • Electrocution Blast: Hyper Bot can electrocute itself to push back enemies.


  • Claws: This Attack Bot has large clawed hands, which it can use for combat.
  • Shoulder Keys: The Hyper Bot also has gold keys on its shoulders. After getting a new one from Shifter, it was able to take control of one of the Rangers' Megazords.

Behind the Scenes


  • As with most Attack Bots, the Generation 16 Hyper Bot is mute.


  • Sometimes, the Generation 16 Hyper Bot will beat on its chest, similar to that of a gorilla.
  • The Generation 16 Hyper Bot is the only Attack Bot whose Sentai counterpart did not speak.

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