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"You know if you miss King Mondo that much, I promise we can help you join him."
―Jason Lee Scott[src]
"Forgive me, Mondo. I have failed you and the Empire!"
―Final words before his death.[src]

General Venjix was the leader of the Machine Empire Remnants He discovered the location of Serpentera on the Earth's moon and dug it up.

Character History

Despite Zordon's colossal wave of good energy wiping out and purifying all evil in the universe, including the Machine Empire, General Venjix somehow managed to survive along with four other generals and several Cogs. Learning of King Mondo's destruction, Venjix swore revenge on those who destroyed him.

Deciding to search for Lord Zedd's personal zord Serpentera, Venjix took his troops to Earth's moon to dig up the weapon to use it in their plan of revenge on the Rangers. However, Andros, the Red Space Ranger, had been tracking the Machine Empire Remnants for years, and gathered nine other Red Rangers, who then stormed the base and fought off the Cogs. Unfortunately, during the time it took for the heroes to arrive, Venjix had powered Serpentera with a Neo Plutonium reactor.

Jason vs. Venjix

The Original Red Ranger vs. Venjix

When he and the other generals attempted to board Serpentera, they were stopped by Cole Evans and the other Red Rangers. Venjix faced off against the original Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, and Cole, who was the newest Red Ranger at that time. The veteran and rookie Red Rangers were able to overpower Venjix while the other Red Rangers defeated the other generals, but Venjix was able to escape and board Serpentera. He attempted to use it to destroy Earth, but before he could leave the moon, Cole Evans used his Wild Force Rider to destroy Serpentera. Venjix was destroyed, along with Serpentera, thus putting an end to the Machine Empire.Forever Red
General Venjix



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