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―General Trayf's first words after being introduced by Zurgane.[src]
―General Trayf whilst being sent flying by his plate lid exploding and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""Ya didn't think you could destroy me in my own dimension didya?""
―General Trayf when he grew.[src]
""This little piggy's going home!""
―General Trayf reacting to the Storm Megazord with Flail Combo and his final words before his death[src]

General Trayf was a pig monster that served as the primary villain of the episode "Pork Chopped".

Character History

Ninja Storm

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This pig-like alien was recruited by Zurgane to use his powers against the Rangers. He traps Blake and Hunter in a tub of popcorn full of artificial flavoring. He lures the Rangers into through a portal into another dimension, they manages to over come his tricks and they took him down with the Storm Striker. With the Thunder Rangers now free, and detained by Kelzaks accompanied by Marah and Kapri, General Trayf makes matters worse by making himself grow without the aid of the Scroll of Empowerment. Hunter and Blake fought the Kelzaks whilst the others summon the Storm Megazord. He initially easily overpowered it but was knocked down by the Turtle Mace. The Rangers then summoned the Ram Hammer and combined the weapons into the Flail Combo which killed him. In the end, his remains were cooked and eaten by Lothor's forces as baby back rib barbecue. Pork Chopped

General Trayf was seen in an alternate dimension. The Wild Wipeout

General Trayf was among the monsters freed from the Abyss of Evil by Lothor. Storm Before the Calm

General Trayf is later revived when the Abyss Of Evil is opened but is sent back there by the Wind Rangers and later escapes the Abyss Of Evil again to be apart of Lothor & Mesogog’s combined armies. Thunder Storm


True to his name, General Trayf personality is very similar to that of a real general, a monster with metaphors that will take his job both comically and seriously.

Powers and Abilities

  • Porky Portal: General Trayf can open up a plate-like portal to other dimension.
  • Growth-General Trayf was able to make himself grow without the aid of the PAM and it's Scholls of Empowerment.
  • Pig Snout Ambush: General Trayf can summon and launch a swam of pig nose at his enemies.
  • Plate Led Disc Launcher: General Trayf can summon a plat lid and launch it at the enemy. As seen when Shane rode it back into him, this would cause a massive explosion strong enough to send them flying.
  • Nose Wind Burst: From his nose, General Trayf can breath a gust of wind at his enemies strong enough to send the main three Rangers flying.


  • Pork Chopper Sword: General Trayf is armed with a huge sword for combat.
    • Ground Sword: General Trayf can slam his sword into the ground and will released a sword that will travel thought the ground and attack the targets.

Behind the Scenes



  • General Trayf is the first monster to be fought by the Ram Hammer and Turtle Mace combination (known as the Flail Combo).
  • General Trayf's name is a pun on "trayf", or food that isn't kosher, which fits his pig motif.
  • He's also one of the few monsters not to get enlarged by the Scroll of Empowerment as he simply grew on his own.

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