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"I'll show you all! I will destroy anything or anyone who TRIES TO STOP ME!"
―General Shifter when becoming giant.[src]

―General Shifter having been defeated as a giant as well as his final words before his destruction.[src]

General Shifter was one of Venjix's three original loyal commanding Generals. He was a Generation 5 Attack Bot. He serves as one of the main antagonists of the season Power Rangers RPM.


After Venjix decided that both General Crunch and General Shifter had become obsolete (though this was mostly provoked through their pointing out flaws in Venjix's plans), they were blasted & destroyed. After some time though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix' evil machine order.

He first fought the Ranger Operators in Ranger Blue, defeating Scott and proving himself to be a strong fighter. Later on, Shifter helped create bodies for the Venjix Virus to live in. However, the first few were easily defeated by the Rangers with help from the new Rangers Gold and Silver.

He made an enemy out of Tenaya 7 when he supported Kilobyte's attempts to sabotage her. She sabotaged his newest Generation 16 Venjix Mobile Form to attack Venjix. This lead to him being banished into the wastelands. He took his newest creation with him.

He used this new Hyper Bot to scan the Rangers' defenses, take control of the PaleoMax Megazord and fired a control key into Scott himself. However, thanks to a reformed Tenaya 7, the Rangers gain the ability to override his control of the PaleoMax and form the RPM Ultrazord. With it, they destroy the Hyper Bot.

However, Shifter claims the key of his creation and powers himself up with it in an attempt to defeat the Rangers, including using a mind controlled Scott against them, but Tenaya 15 foils that plot by destroying his remote control. He grows to giant size and while he's able to hold them off their Zords for a short time, they finally form the RPM Ultrazord, which manages to overpower and defeat him, causing him to revert to normal size, where an enraged Scott confronts him. While able to compete with the Red Ranger in single combat, eventually Scott gets the better of him and destroys him with the Street Saber.

It is revealed that his body is created with titanium shielding, explaining his high durability. Venjix has his remains retrieved and then has Kilobyte recycle his body to be part of his newest mobile form.


Shifter is methodical and always wants to help his master to take over Earth, and seems to be more serious than his co-general Crunch, though at times he displayed a similar level of confused (lack of intelligence). However he was also an adapt designer of Attack Bots, designing the first of Venjix's bodies and the extremely powerful Hyper Bot.

Powers and Abilities


  • Suction Immunity: In the episode "In or Out", Shifter is shown to be immune to being sucked in by Corinth's giant fan.
  • Monster Enlarging: Similar to Venjix, Shifter can enlarge Attack Bots by saying the phrase, "Prepare the Download."
  • Puppetry: After upgrading himself, Shifter can release sonic pulses from his head that allowed him to take control of Scott's body like a puppet.
  • Tentacles: Shifter can release dark green tentacles from his body to ensnare his opponents.
  • Enlarging: After upgrading himself, Shifter can enlarge himself at will.


  • Super Strength-General Shifter is the second strongest of Venjix's generals (after Kilobyte). A single jab from his staff was enough to knock Gem over backwards.
  • Dermal Armor-General Shifter has extremely strong metal armor as part of his body that is immune to even the most deadly of attacks. His most significant display of his durable armor was when he survived his destruction by the RPM Ultrazord (although it did really weaken him).
  • Robotics Expert: Shifter is an expert in making robots, being able to create most of Venjix's mobile bodies and several Attack Bots.
  • Expert Combatant: Shifter is also an expert combatant, being able to battle the Rangers in all of his fights with them.


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  • Staff-General Shifter has a massive staff with an openable blade at the end for combat.
    • Lightning Barrage-General Shifter can fire a massive barrage of gold lightning from the blade at the end of his staff when it's opened.
  • Hyper Bot's Key: Shifter gained the Hyper Bot's upgraded key, which he used to upgrade himself.
  • Clawed Left Hand: After upgrading himself, Shifter gains large claws on his left hand.
  • Remote Control: Shifter wielded a remote control that he can use in conjecture with his puppetry ability.


Behind the Scenes



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  • Shifter is the first general of Venjix to be destroyed.
  • He is the only general in Venjix's army to have his generation number revealed while the other are unknown.
  • Unfortunately, General Shifter did not see a release in the action figure line. However, he does sport a mold of an unarticulated collectible figure, part of the usual Adventure Sets. His figure is made of translucent gold and available in the Engine Adventure Set and the Track Adventure Set.


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