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"What you're about to see is classified. Forget what you've heard, Mr. Mayor. Morph X will do a lot more than power the city's lights and automobiles."
―General Shaw[src]

General Shaw, formerly Commander Shaw is the general & former commander of Grid Battleforce and the mother of Ravi Shaw in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


Beast Morphers

Commander Shaw is the head of Grid Battleforce. She works with Nate Silva to harness Morph-X and use it as a clean, sustainable energy resource. Fully aware that tapping into the Morphin Grid brings danger, she also has a Ranger selection in place, with one of the candidates being her son. On the day of their morph initialization, two of the candidates are 'copied' into avatars and placed in comas. As Nate was forced to morph other Rangers instead, she takes them in as Power Rangers of the Grid Battleforce. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beasts Unleashed Though she was angry at Ravi for disobeying her orders, fortunately, she stopped short of actually punishing him when his apology made her realize how guilting him for saving Roxy's life would make her no better than Evox in the eyes of her son. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Target Tower

One year after Evox was defeated, she holds the rank of General and appoints Devon Daniels as the new Commander of Grid Battleforce and was seen painting a picture of Roxy along with Ravi.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Unleashed

Dino Fury

Commander Shaw is set to return in Dino Fury.


  • Commander Shaw is the first mother of a Ranger to be aware of her child's identity as a Ranger since Mrs. Landsdown though Commander Shaw is in charge of most of Ravi's Ranger duties while Mrs. Landsdown was not aware of her daughter's identity until several years after Summer began active duty.
  • Commander Shaw is the first female mentor since Kendall Morgan.
  • Commander Shaw seems to have some faith in Ben and Betty despite their obvious ineptitude, even letting them tag along with the Rangers.
  • Commander Shaw shares a similarity with Captain Mitchell of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue in that they are both parents of members of the core team of Rangers.
  • Commander Shaw also shares 2 similarities with Udonna of Power Rangers Mystic Force in that they are both 1. a female mentor and 2. a mother to a member of the core team of Rangers.
  • Apparently, Commander Shaw acts as Nate Silva's surrogate mother, forbidding him to go out alone and punishing him for doing so without using the Buddy System.
  • She possesses a sense of honor and only likes honest and reliable staff, angrily firing Megan from Grid Battleforce once her backhanded and corrupt tactics are exposed by Zoey and Nate. However, she reinstated Cole after initially firing him, upon seeing what really happened when he brought Nate Controltron's package. She later rehired Megan when she assisted the Rangers in taming the Beast-X King Zord.
  • Commander Shaw is the second person to disapprove of art. The first was Anton Mercer who disapproves of Trent's artistic endevors. She thought it was a waste of time, but came to accept it when she found out about her son's passion and how her hatred of art can be viewed as selfish and petty, as it was what caused him to lie to her about it in the first place.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Artist Anonymous In fact, she seemed to have gained a newfound interest in art one year after Evox's defeat.


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