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As a high-ranking member of the Shadow Line, General Schwarz possesses his own Kuliner which is capable of transforming into a Kuliner Robo. As with the standard Kuliner, it can combine with Zaram's Drill Ressha, utilizing it as an attachment on the Kuliner Robo's right arm.


Schwarz's personal Kuliner, different from others, the skull-like head was replaced with a golden spearhead with multiple eyes. Nonetheless, such Kuliner is still capable of materialising shadow railways when in flight and still wields turrets in it's cars. A Kuliner itself, the train can enter and move efficiently in Shadow Towns and can transfer it's ability when linked to the ToQgers' Ressha.

During Schwarz and Zaram's raid on Castle Terminal, Schwarz escorts Grita to safety by lending her his Kuliner. Gritta later used his Kuliner when she asked for the ToQgers' help in raiding the Castle Terminal.


Schwarz-Exclusive Kuliner Robo

Schwarz Exclusive Kuliner Robo (シュバルツ専用クライナーロボ Subarushu Senyo Kuraina Robo) was a Schwarz's modified Kuliner Robo.

In comparison to the normal Kuliner Robo, it wears a golden mask and had its horns facing upwards. The front cannons on its hands were replaced with twin pile drivers (though still can function as cannons) and is equipped with a sword for Schwarz's sword proficiency.

In terms of combat capability, the robot could fire heat vision from its eyes, use pile drivers and for close combat as well as hovering in the mid-air with built-in hovers.

Schwarz Kuliner Robo's finisher attack was performing a circular energy before absorbing it with his sword and slashing at the opponent. It is strong enough to incapacitate Ressha Gattai Build-Dai Oh.

Kuliner Robo Drill

Kuliner Robo Drill (クライナーロボドリル Kuraina Robo Doriru) was a Schwarz's modified Kuliner Robo. This formation was used once and never seen in use again.

After stealing Zaram's Drill Ressha, Schwarz put it to use in the Kuliner again by combining it with his Kuliner. During it's use, Schwarz can execute an energy drill attack by firing energy drill projectiles from the Drill Ressha's component.