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The African conqueror, General Sahara (サハラ将軍 Sahara Shōgun?) was among the four members of the Big Four (along with Baron Iron Mask, Captain UFO, Hell Boxer) led by Iron Claw. A master swordsman and strategist, he is both ruthless and cruel in battle.


He came all the way from the Sahara Desert with an army of Zolders to lead. According to Joker, the Gorangers were battling against General Sahara in the Sahara Desert. And they ended up following the General back to Japan to join up with Iron Claw. Facing the JAKQ and Goranger teams, Sahara and the rest of the big four combine into the super cyborg entity “Big Four Robo”, a monstrous and hulking mechanical monster with multiple cannons protruding throughout his body and a grinder in his lower torso. Virtually invincible, it took the combined special attacks of JAKQ's Big Bomber and Goranger's Goranger Hurricane Ball to destroy the monster.


  • It's safe to assume that the remaining Zoldiers of the Black Cross Army went to join General Sahara's army after the Black Cross Furher was defeated by Goranger.
  • General Sahara has the same theme as Golden Mask did, except it's unknown if they ever crossed paths before.
  • It's also unknown if Sahara was ever part of or associated with the Black Cross Army before.
  • General Sahara was played by the late Hideyo Amamoto, who previously played Doctor Shinigami in Kamen Rider.
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