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"This isn’t over! "
―General Peluso’s final words before his death.[src]

General Peluso is a spider crab/dog-themed member of the Armada with enormous speed and a left cybernetic claw. Unlike most Armada Field Commanders, Peluso bears the rank of an Armada general, but has less power than the other generals (e.g. Damaras, Levira and Argus).


He is sent by Damaras to take the Red Lion Wildzord for Animaria before the Super Mega Rangers can find it. However, after he, the XBorgs, the Bruisers and the Rangers are knocked off the island, Prince Vekar changes Peluso's objective to reconquering the city. He is then defeated by the Super Mega Rangers.

Once enlarged along with three Bruisers, Peluso fires his claw to lock the wheel on the Legendary Megazord's back, but the hold is broken when the Super Mega Rangers use the Wild Force Legendary Ranger Keys. Peluso and the Bruisers are then destroyed by the Legendary Wild Force Megazord with the monster being finished off by its Mega Roar.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Quick Attack: Peluso can rush and attack his opponents at extremely fast speed.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Peluso is able to jump at incredible heights.
    • Agility: General Peluso is incredibly agile while jumping.


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  • Cybernetic Clawed Left Hand: He has a cybernetic left hand with razor sharp claws which he can use in combat to fire lasers.
    • Energy Slashes: General Peluso can also fire white energy slashes from his hand.
    • Clamp Launch: Peluso can also launch a strong claw-like clamp from his hand that can latch onto his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Bowser, Peluso is stated to be a general, as opposed to a commander, which is the typical designation of monsters in Gokaiger and Super Megaforce. Typically, generals appear in more than one episode and outlive standard monsters-of-the-week, but Peluso does not. Although in Power Rangers SPD, there were two monsters of the week that are both stated as generals in two episodes, named General Benaag and General Valko.
    • Like Benaag, Peluso has a menacing large appearance, a rictus grin, a cybernetic left claw, is colored green, and has brought 100 robot soldiers.
    • Like Valko, Peluso relies mainly on a mechanical weapon to unleash energy projectiles and occasionally highlights the threat he represents to their enemies.


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