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General Kurama Tetsuzan is Battle Fever's commander who gives out orders to Battle Fever's team. He also runs Battle Fever and is a trained samurai who has mastered the Denkouken sword style. (which he has also programmed into his Battle Fever Robo)

Tetsuzan manages the team from Big Baser beneath the sea, watching over them and keeping track of their actions kept company by his robot mynah bird Kyutaro. He likewise develops new weaponry and means for combat in order to keep track of Egos' own developments in weaponry and espionage. Most notably, he spearheaded the development of Battle Fever Robo due to Egos' own possibility of the creation of giant robots to assist in combat, only allowing for it to be utilized both when it was completed and after Egos showed it's hand by revealing it's robot to the world.Ep. 1: Assault!! Run to the Ballpark-Ep. 5: Robot Big Dogfight

Though Tetsuzan is very considerate of his team, he is also very stern and strict and acts when he sees something that can throw the team off balance. After an incident where Battle Fever is embarrassed by an Egos Monster by putting other concerns ahead of it, he is forced to show them how they are supposed to act in order to prevent it from happening again.Ep. 23: Decisive Battle!! All Monsters Appear Likewise after the sudden death of Battle Cossack Kensaku Shiraishi and his suit being taken by his friend Makoto Jin, he was the only one to show doubt and anger at what the new team member pulled and showed mistrust in him and his possibility of selling them out to Egos until he proved himself.Ep. 34: The Dark General Who Laughs at Hell

Aside from being a commander, Tetsuzan is also a skilled swordsman, having mastered the Denkouken style of swordsmanship which he uses to assist the team on multiple occasions, including defeat an Egos Monster their Penta-Force cannot stopEp. 37: Lightning Sword vs. Pinwheel Sword and teaching it to Maria Nagisa in order for her to adapt it to baseball to stop a sports-manipulating Egos Monster.Ep. 47: A Mystery! Strategic Grass-Lot Baseball He is forced to use his Denkouken skills in order to defeat Commander Hedder, who had mastered the inverse "Ankokuken" style and who pursued him in particular by killing his friends and masters. After killing Hedder, the Egos leader pursues him again as an undying Egos Monster by going into Big Baser, but Tetsuzan ultimately finishes him off, freezing him with Kyutaro and making Battle Fever annihilate his entire remains so he can never return.Ep. 50: The Masked Demon Who Aims for the GeneralEp. 51: Egos' Revival Ceremony

Turboranger clipshow

General Kurama Tetsuzan appears in the clips from Battle Fever J seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

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