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""Indeed, it is. I thought I'd lost myself a few times Commander. 4319.2 miles of desert. Well, no wonder I had such a headache.""
―Kilobyte's first words when showing up in the Venjix Palace and then being told he was thought lost. Also, he takes off his head and removes sand from within it.[src]
""How do ya like me now?""
―Kilobyte upon enlarging himself.[src]
""NO! NOOOOOOOOO! This isn't over yet! Do you hear me?!""
―Kilobyte after being defeated by the RPM Ultrazord[src]
""As I've always said, you put a human against a machine, the machine will win every time.""
―Kilobyte before trying to kill Tenaya and Dillon and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Kilobyte was an extremely dangerous Attack Bot General made by Venjix long ago. Kilobyte was thought to be destroyed, and had been trapped in the wastelands for unknown reasons, though managed to return to the Venjix base.

Character History

Power Rangers RPM

He is cruel, strong, and sexist when it comes to women, especially Tenaya 7. He also takes delight in sabotaging her. It turns out that Kilobyte was there when Dillon's sister was turned into Tenaya 7, alongside the Sat Bot and Venjix. Kilobyte later plotted to blow up Corinth, but the Rangers used the new Rail Blaster and their RPM Ultrazord and almost destroyed him. However, after their attack, he managed to escape to Venjix Palace. However, this disappoints Venjix as he doesn't let him out in the open again.
Kilobyte defeat

his defeat in the zord

In an attempt to prove himself, he activates Hicks as a hybrid without Venjix's permission, which angered Venjix enough to banish him. Later, Venjix orders Tenaya 15 (the newest incarnation of Tenaya 7) to destroy him once they've conquered Corinth, but Kilobyte overhears this.

As Venjix begins his final attack on Corinth, Kilobyte sneaks into Corinth's defense control tower and sets Tenaya's weapons to be deleted. He then arrives to battle Tenaya. Her weapons gone, she summons Grinders to defend herself though Kilobyte destroys them. As he prepares to destroy Tenaya, Dillon appears and battles Kilobyte. Kilobyte holds him off, and just as he is ready for the final strike, Rangers Red, Blue, and Yellow arrive with the Road Blaster and a single blast annihilates Kilobyte.

Power Rangers Hyper Force

When the Hyper Force Rangers travel to the Power Rangers RPM dimension they are attacked by Kilobyte who inserts the Venjix virus into the Black Hyper Force Ranger, Vesper who turns out to be an android. He then orders her the attack the Blue Hyper Force Ranger, Eddie. Eddie tries to stop Vesper by trying to make her remember who she is. While Eddie is distracted with Vesper, Kilobyte deals a devastating blow to Eddie almost killing him.

As the Hyper Force Rangers and Gem are fighting Buzzkill, Kilobyte runs out to yell at Buzzkill for not defeating the rangers yet. Buzzkill and Kylobyte are then kicked thousands of miles away by the Chronos Hyper Force Megaforce.


Kilobyte is a very insidious character. He also has the ability to think through a strategy and create attacking bots. Proof of this is the last form of Venjix. During his first appearance, he was shown to be extremely misogynistic, claiming Tenaya 7 was weak for being "programmed" to think like a female as well as the women in Corinth. 

Powers and Abilities

Kilobyte is easily the most powerful general in Venjix's army, only being outdone by the virus himself. Even  Venjix aknowledges him as his "most feared general."

  • Strength: Kilobyte is so strong that single punches could send the Rangers flying and he had no trouble defeating Tenaya and Dillon.
  • Durability: Kilobyte is Venjix's strongest general and his metal skin can take a lot of punishment. The Rail Blaster's almighty slash and the Rail Blaster's finishing move merely knocked him down but his most impressive display of durability was how he survived the RPM Ultrazord's finisher and explosion without serious damage.
  • Growth: Kilobyte can grow monsters by saying "begin the download."
    • Self-Growth: Kilobyte can also make himself grow into a giant by saying "begin the download."
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Kilobyte is an extremely powerful hand to hand combatant, easily overwhelming all five Rangers when both unmorphed and morphed as well as defeating Tenaya and Dillon on a two on one duel with hardly any effort.
  • Weapon Combat: Kilobyte easily overwhelmed six Rangers (minus Ziggy who he had just thrown away) with his sword despite them wielding their Nitro Blaster Sword Mode and Cloud Hatchets against him.
  • Agility: During his second battle against the Rangers in the episode "Run Ziggy Run", Kilobyte backflipped away from a slash from Scott's Nitro Blaster and landed on his feet with ease.
  • Super Jumps: Kilobyte was able to jump an amazing distance into the air which caused the Paleomax Megazord, ValveMax Megazord with the Falcon Chopper instead of the Tail Spinner and High Octane Megazord to all hit each other with thier finishing attacks.
  • Head Removal: As seen when he was first introduced, Kilobyte can take off his head to air out his neck or remove any obstructions (for example sand) from under it.


  • Sword: Kilobyte has a big curved sword which he can use for combat.
    • Energy Empowerment: Kilobyte can charge up his sword with red energy and slash his enemies with maximum force which was strong enough to knock down all four Rangers present at that time with one horrizontal slash.
    • Energy Reflection: When giant, Kilobyte was able to absorb all of the energy blasts from the Falcon Chopper, Wolf Cruiser  and Lion Hauler into his sword and send it back with  devastating effect.
    • Coin Energy Slash: Kilobyte can charge up his sword with red energy, generating a big coin behind him and then triple slash his sword across the screen. This was definitely his strongest attack as a single performance of this took down all five Rangers and demorphed them whilst when he was enlarged, it took down all three Megazords present in one hit.
  • Bazooka: When he was enlarged, Kilobyte fought with a bazooka which unleashed massive yellow energy balls powerful enough to cause very large explosions but was always either dodged or ineffective and was obliterated when the Road Attack Zord's Burnout attack struck him.
  • Blaster: Kilobyte wields a powerful laser blaster that resembles a broom. It can unleash energy lasers powerful enough to take down all five unmorphed Rangers, cripple Tenaya and overwhelm Dillon's forcefield ability as well as critically injured him.


Behind the Scenes



  • According to Kilobyte's first words, Kilobyte travelled 4319.2  miles to get from where he was thought dead to the Venjix Palace. Assuming that Corinth is the RPM Dimension's equivalent of Boston, Massachusetts (which is supported by the map during the opening showing America and zooming in to where Boston would be) that would mean that he was lost somewhere in between Greece and Malta since those are the closest area on the world map to those distances.
    • This implies that he was lost at sea which could be interpreted to mean that he was flying a Venjix Drone which crashed for some reason (possibly shot down by some human forces) and he was thought lost.
  • Kilobyte's voice changes drastically between "The Dome Dolls" and "Ancient History" in that it becomes significantly less deep and robotic and more human sounding.
    • Whether this was intentional and tries to imply that the damage made his voice deeper and he was repaired in between the events of one episode to the next or an oversight on the part of the production team is unclear.
  • Strangely enough, Kilobyte was defeated by the Rangers with one attack, with the fact that he survived after the explosion of his increased form and many other attacks.
  • Kilobyte is the second general of Venjix to die.
  • Kilobyte is quite similar to Darkonda from Power Rangers In Space
    • Both have a rivalry with a female villain in the organization (Darkonda with Astronema and Kilobyte with Tenaya 7/15).
    • Both fight the rangers numerous times resulting in them getting destroyed and later revived, although Kilobyte revived once while Darknonda gets revived 9 times
    • Both have a hand in re-brainwashing the female villain after they retrieve their old memories and are eventually overshadowed by them.
    • And in the finale, both plot to kill the female villan and then the main villain but get destroyed before they succeed. (Darkonda was destroyed by Dark Spector while Kilobyte was destroyed by the Rangers with the Road Blaster). Ironically they get destroyed in the first part of the finale.
    • Both die in different ways than their counterparts (Darkonda was originally killed by the Mega Voyager only to die when shooting a planet destroying missile into Dark Specter's back and Kilobyte's counterpart was killed by the RPM Ultrazord).

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