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"No. We're doomed!"
―General Crunch's final words before his death[src]

General Crunch was one of the three generals of the Venjix Computer Network.


At one point he drove Venjix to blow him to pieces when he first asked if Venjix would rather wait until the rangers defeat an attack bot before downloading into it a growth program, and later wonders out loud why Venjix hasn't launched a full-scale attack while the city defenses were down (in other words, was pointing out flaws in Venjix's plans). After Venjix decided that both General Crunch and General Shifter had become obsolete, they were blasted and destroyed. After sometime though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix's evil machine order. He fought the rangers personally for the first time Ranger Blue, where he defeated Ziggy and Summer in combat, showing the true fighting potential behind his confused personality.

When Tenaya hacks into Venjix's database Danger and Destiny, Crunch breaks into the control tower and begins to fight with Tenaya, easily overpowering her. However, when Doctor K reverses the deletion of Gem and Gemma, they shoot down the control tower with Crunch still inside. Crunch is destroyed when it crashes into the ground.


General Crunch is not so serious and gives the appearance of being less intelligent unlike his co-general, General Shifter. And while he appears to be confused, dumb, and a bit of a blabbermouth, often angering Venjix, he also displays a highly-tuned sense of strategy. He is also quite a skilled fighter.



  • He occasionally breaks the Fourth Wall, by questioning Venjix on why he doesn't take certain actions; such as waiting for the Rangers to badly damage an Attack Bot before downloading the growth program to it, and not launching a full scale attack when Corinth City's defenses are down. In this way, Crunch can be seen as voicing the audience watching the show. 
  • Depending on the opinion of the viewer, Crunch's statements may be insulting Venjix's intelligence/ common sense. Alternatively, Crunch's statements can be seen as a form of lampshade hanging utilized to address perceived plot holes.
  • General Crunch never made the action figure line that went along with the show. However, an unarticulated collectible figure was made for the Adventure Sets. It comes with the Trax Adventure Set and the Engine Adventure Set.
  • During his first appearence, Crunch voice was pitched lower resulting in a deeper voice, it was likely changed to a high pitched one to fit his personailty.
  • General Crunch is the only villain who appears in all episodes of the season.
  • Crunch is the only of three originals generals of Venjix who never betrayed him.
  • Crunch is the third general of Venjix to die.

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