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"Blaze and Roxy, please don't hurt my children!"
―Burke's plead for his children's safety[src]

General Burke is the father of Betty Burke and Ben Burke and the general of Grid Battleforce in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

 He comes to Grid Battleforce, offering the team the us of his Special Ops Hangar. Taking Care of Business

When Cybervillain Blaze and Cybervillain Roxy threatened Betty Burke and Ben Burke's lives, he begs Cybervillain Blaze and Cybervillain Roxy to set them free, whereupon Steel agreed to surrender.Silver Sacrifice

He arrives shortly after Devon brings Ben and Betty the perfect birthday cake, and gets into a food fight with Ben and Betty when they squirt each other with tubes of icing. Seeing Red

General Burke told Commander Shaw about his secret project called the Beast-X King Zord which he got approval to make it from Mayor Adam Daniels. To Zoey and Nate's surprise, Burke had rehired Megan to help with the engineering of the Beast-X King Zord.Beast King Rampage

He arrives at Grid Battleforce when Ben and Betty are trying to get his wedding tuxedo out of the ice. Due to a series of comical mishaps with the Split Emitters, he and Ben end up wearing each other's uniforms, and Betty sports the tuxedo.


Burke presents himself as a stern military man, however, he can sometimes be immature and childish, as he demonstrates when he starts a food fight with Ben and Betty, and is even amused by their goofiness. Despite this, he also cares about their safety, especially when they're captured by Cybervillain Blaze and Cybervillain Roxy. It is inferred by several characters that because of their extreme unintelligence, Ben and Betty would not have a job at Grid Battleforce, if not for the fact that their father is the general.

Behind the Scenes



  • He's the first character since Riley Griffin to celebrate his birthday in an episode, and the first non-Ranger since Doctor K to do so.
  • With Devon promoted to Commander, and Commander Shaw to General, General Burke's own fate is unknown, since he's never seen again after his cameo at the end of "The Evox Snare." It is possible that he either received a promotion of his own or he retired.



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