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"I hope you enjoyed your last sunrise, Doggie Cruger. I have navigated three galaxies to find you. We meet this afternoon for your final battle."
―General Benang[src]

"You are charged with the destruction of five planets and for atrocities throughout the galaxy. You are charged with the disappearance of Aisynia Cruger, my wife!"
―Final verdict that's performed by Doggie Cruger.[src]

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General Benaag is a general of Troobian empire and one of Gruumm's most powerful warriors. He was the one who led an attack on Sirius planet, where Anubis Cruger lived with his wife Isinia. He kidnapped Isinia and it caused Doggie to desire get revenge on Benaag. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode Shadow.


Bennaag was one of Gruumm's most powerful warriors. He was Gruumm's general and second-in-command. Twenty four years ago in the 2001 he led an attack of Troobians on Sirius, where Doggie lived with his wife Isinia. Troobians conquered Sirius and Doggie couldn't stop them. Benaag kidnapped Isinia and brought her to Gruumm. Doggie thought Bennaag killed her. Bennaag also led Troobians on attacks on many other planets, resulting in destruction of many planets and mass murder of billions of living beings. In the twelfth episode Benaag was summoned by Gruumm to attack Earth. Benaag kidnapped Kat and challenged Cruger on a duel. Benaag also teamed up with Broodwing for attack at Earth. Meanwhile Broodwing distracted the Rangers, according to their plan. Benaag encountered Cruger and started the duel. Benaag was arrogant and confident and thought that since he had beaten Cruger on Sirius, he still could easily defeat him on Earth. However Benaag cheated and at first sent Krybots to attack Cruger. Cruger morphed for the first time into the Shadow Ranger and after Cruger easily defeated Krybots, Benaag himself fought Cruger. Benaag was far more powerful opponent. He was armed with powerful claws-blades, which could transform into a powerful laser gun, and rockets on the back. Benaag nearly defeated Cruger and he also psychologically abused Cruger by trappping Kat in the trailer in the force field with an explosives and timer on his belt. However, Cruger reflected Benaag's attack, back at his belt with an explosives, freeing Kat. Cruger accused Benaag in conquering and destroying Sirius and killing Isinia. Then Cruger judged Benaag with a Delta Scanner and found that he didn't kill Isinia, but kidnapped her and brought to Gruumm. The verdict was innocent, but Cruger still eventually trapped Benaag in Data Card. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shadow


Benaag was a ruthless, cruel and tyrannical Troobian general, who enjoyed conquering and destroying planets. He was Doggie's first archenemy, beside Gruumm, because he kidnapped Isinia and destroyed his home planet Sirius. Benaag was an arrogant and confident. He thought if he was defeated Cruger on Sirius, then he could easily do the same on Earth. He underestimated Cruger and it was his mistake, which led to his defeat. He also demonstrated psychological attacks to Cruger, as he kidnapped Kat and trapped her in the force field with explosives, which will detonate. Despite Benaag was guilty in conquering and destroying Sirius, he wasn't guilty in killing Isinia, but was actually guilty in kidnapping her and giving to Gruumm. He was also a calculating and strategic, as he teamed with Broodwing and Broodwing distracted the Rangers in the city, while he took Cruger himself.

Powers and Abilities

Benaag is a powerful warrior and one of Grumm's most powerful warriors, due to his status as a general and Gruumm's second-in-command. He was able to equally ight Doggie and even nearly beat him. It took a much effort of Cruger to defeat him.

  • Superhuman Strength: Benaag is incredibly strong, able to stand against Cruger and even able match him some time.
  • Superhuman Durability: He is also durable, able to stand against Cruger attacks and continue fighting.
  • Skilled Fighter: Benaag is a skilled fighter, able to fight Cruger and nearly defeat him in the fight, but Shadow Ranger still could take down him.
  • High Intelligence: Benaag possesses an giant intelligence, and is a skilled strategist, able to plan the fight against Doggy in any details, and nearly defeat him.


  • Claws-Blades: Benaag is armed with bladed claws, and these claws are extremely powerful, able to hurt Cruger.
    • Laser Cannon: Benaag's claws can transform into a strong laser cannon.
  • Rockets-Granads: Benaag is armed with rockets on the back.
  • Explosives: Benaag is also armed with explosives on his belt.

Behind The Scenes



  • Crimes against nature.
  • Crimes against Sirians.
  • Various war crimes (especially those related to raising a civilization to the ground).
  • Destruction of five planets.
  • Assault.
  • Mass murder.
  • Atrocities against the galaxy.
  • Murder.
  • Attempted murder.
  • Genocide.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Kidnapping of a police employe (Kat Manx).
  • Assault.
  • Conspiracy to commit murder (of Doggie Cruger)
  • Conspiracy to assassinate a police official (Doggie Cruger).
  • Assault of a police official.
  • Assault of a duly deputized agent of the law.
  • Terrorism.
  • Masterminding a terrorist attack (the Drill Robot's attack).
  • Assaulting a duly deputized officer of the law.
  • Blackmail.
  • Blackmail of a police official.
  • Property damage of police property (R.I.C.)

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