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Gen'ichi Ooishi is a boy who leads a group of kids who study and attend clubs at Kourakuen Amusement Park and hang around the Denziman.

Character History

Gen'ichi is the leader of the five children who hang around the five who became Denziman, primarily studying in their classes at the amusement park and stadium such as karate with Ippei Akagi. His most notable attribute is having a hatred of studying, tending to fail his classes more often than the others and needing to attend cram schools in order to keep up with them, making him fall for a certain Vader Clan scheme.Ep. 14: Come to the 100-Point Cram School

When his father got a job in Hokkaido, Ken'ichi decided to go with him, saying goodbye to his fellow classmates and his teachers to move to his new home.Ep. 19: My Prince of the Stars



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Behind the Scenes

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