Carranger Game Cover

Game Cover.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi (激走戦隊カーレンジャー 全開!レーサー戦士 Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā Zenkai! Rēsā Senshi) is the licensed video game of the Carranger series. It was released in Japan by Bandai in 1996, and required the Sufami Turbo accessory. Despite the fact that Carranger was adapted into Power Rangers: Turbo, the game was never brought to the U.S.


The RV Mechas have been dismantled and their parts scattered all around, so it is up to the Carrangers to collect all the parts required to rebuild them, all the while fighting the Bowzock gang. The parts appear in the form of cogs and gears, and can only be obtained by striking various objects and killing off Wumpers along the way, among other forms (finding and getting an engine, for example, will give off ten parts). Each Mecha requires 50 parts to be rebuilt.



  • Bad Ending: Gynamo will grow to giant size and knock your Ranger out as he destroys the BB Saloon. Without the RV Robo to defeat him, Earth will be destroyed into fireworks. The on-screen text says:
"The Bowzocks have been defeated, but RV Robo is needed to defeat the giant Gynamo!! Gather the hidden parts in your next try!! Save the Earth with RV Robo!!"
  • Good Ending: Gynamo will grow to giant size and, while your Ranger is trying not to get smashed, RV Robo appears and disposes of Gynamo with a Dash Speed Slash. Later, a Wumper is seen having to carry off on his back a vexed Gynamo.


There are two possible endings depending on whether or not all five mecha were rebuilt. If they are, then the "good" ending is triggered. After Gynamo grows huge, RV Robo is formed and proceeds to battle Gynamo in the middle of the city. RV Robo than defeats Gynamo once and for all. If not, the "bad" ending will be triggered instead, where the Carranger are unable to form RV Robo. With no one to stop him, the Bowzock destroy Earth.

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