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"Gekiwaza: Come-Come Beast! GekiElephant!"
"Gekiwaza: Great Brave-Brave Beasts! GekiElephant!"

GekiElephant (ゲキエレファント GekiErefanto) is GekiYellow's Legendary GekiBeast that she obtains from mastering the Elephant-Fist style. In battle, it manifests an orb of Fierce Ki that it lauches like a ball at an enemy. GekiElephant combines with either Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja to become GekiElephantTohja (ゲキエレファントージャ Gekierefantōja) or with Herculean Giant GekiFire to form GekiElephantFire (ゲキエレファントファイヤー GekiErefantoFaiyā).  Both combinations armed with a meteor hammer/flail-like weapon called the EleHammer (エレハンマー Erehanmā) formed from GekiElephant's head and geki orb.



"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiElephantTohja, burning up!"

The GekiElephant combines with the Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja to provide top-body armor that allows it to do a jackhammer spin.


"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiElephantFire, burning up!"

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