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Gedonian Uniga (ゲド星人ウニーガ Gedo Seijin Unīga, 49 & 50) is an urchin-like Alienizer that is a member of Abrella's DekaBase Seizure Gang.

Character History

Gedonian Uniga is an Alienizer that Rainian Agent Abrella rescues from the prison Doggie Kruger sent him to and equipped with Hyper Muscle Gear to help him invade the DekaBase. He managed to take down DekaMaster, but is deleted by the assembled Dekarangers. Uniga is the base model for the powerful Igaroids, and even performed the same sword attack. Uniga is deleted by DekaBreak.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Igasword - a sword that resembled the Igaroids' sword. Justified, as Uniga is the basis for the Igaroids. Just like the Igaroids, he also performed the Cross Burst attack using his sword.


concept art


  • Height: 242 m
  • Weight: 138 t

Behind the Scenes



  • His name comes from "Uni", which is the Japanese word for "sea urchin", which is his motif.


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