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Gecko Mozoo (ヤモリモズー Yamori Mozū, 6) is a gecko-theme Mozoo of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark


He attacked museums to get jewels of the world with his fire breath, sleeping gas breath, plus a long tongue. He was part of a plan to demorph Goggle-V. First fought at the lab with guns that can demorph Goggle-V. All but Goggle Black was there. After a while, Goggle Black joined in the fight. Gecko Mozoo attacked Goggle Pink with his tongue, en route of taking back the gem that Goggle-V took from the lab. The second fight with Goggle-V (plus the Wrestler who pretends to be Santa Claus who was framed for a robbery he didn't commit), he attacked the wrestler with his tongue in order to get the jewel. Goggle Black was first to attack his tongue after Goggle Black used Black Shadow. Goggle-V used Dynamite Clubs and then Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Gecko Kong and then later plioted it. Destroyed by Goggle Robo's Electron Galaxy Cut after Goggle Hand Missile.


He had a long tongue that could emit flames, emit knockout gas from his body, change his size, use a forked staff, and has a gun in each mouthed shoulder.

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