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Gaubar is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A one-eyed Space Beast equipped with prehensiled hair to grab and capture anyone; as well as the ability to absorb those within it's body. Gaubar was specifically sent to Earth by Bazoo when he realized that a survivor of planet Merle was on this world in the form of Sakura, who appeared to be a mere children's daycare worker but in actuality a powerful angel-like alien who could pacify forces with merely her eyes and the sound of her voice. Gaubar's initially was able to capture Sakura before the Changeman rescue her; but it's second attempt for a moment had it's nearly become affected by her miraculous power before Giluke reawakened it allowing it to capture her. Shou rescues Sakura and disabled Gaubar with the Griffon-Zooka before the Power Bazooka destroys it; then the Change Robo after being rebuilt.Ep. 16: The Girl Who Had Wings!


Gaudar is loyal to Bazoo and like him considers the  Merles ability to spraid peace and harmany discusting and wants to destroy them.

Modus and Arsenal

Gaubar was chosen by Bazoo to destroy the Merles. because he could aviod being pacifide by them by closing his eye and pluging his ears with the putrutions coming out of his neck. whiles using his prehensiled hair to grab capture and absorb them. 



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Behind the Scenes

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