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The Gatekeepers.

"These things are made of rock."
Adam Park[src]

The Gatekeepers are stone warriors who protected the Ninjetti temple on Phaedos.


The four Gatekeepers, with a row of three along the bottom, and a fourth above the central lower one, were as follows

  • The central lower one, Gatekeeper #1, wielded serrated curved blades. He got kicked into a bog by Adam, where he drowned.
  • The left lower one, Gatekeeper #2, wielded a spiked/bladed spear. He was accidentally killed by Gatekeeper #4, who attempted to kill Adam, but killed Gatekeeper #2 instead when Adam and Billy used a rope.
  • The right lower one, Gatekeeper #3, wielded a spiked club. He was crushed by a bunch of boulders pushed by Kimberly and Tommy.
  • The central upper one, Gatekeeper #4, wielded a eight-bladed axe (four on each side). He was kicked into the Monolith's door by Tommy, shattering him.

They live on the Planet Phaedos, and are tasked with guarding the Great Power from unworthy hands. Only by defeating all four of them would the Great Power be released.

They are situated inside the walls of the Temple of the Great Power, with their armor and weapons cast in stone. When a challenger approaches, the stone armor and weapons are replaced with steel ones, and the rock monsters come to life.

The Rangers initially struggled against the rock monsters, but soon realized their weak point: Their brains. Using that, they quickly defeated the rock monsters and claimed the Great Power for themselves.


  • In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Confronted," an alien with the head of one of the Gatekeepers can be seen in the background of the training area. In the episode "Shadow" Pt. 2 and "Boom," the head of one of the Gatekeepers was combined with a generic body and the arms and legs of Dragontron where the hybrid was seen as a customer at Piggy's restaurant.


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