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"It will take more than a bunch of color-coordinated teenagers to stop the Gasser!"

Gasser was a stag beetle-themed monster dispatched by Furio to put the colony, Terra Venture, into a deep slumber with his distinct gasses. His actions suceeded and allowed Furio to gain entrance into the colony without hinderance until an intervention from a young boy named Matthew trapped him inside the elevator to the command headquarters. Elsewhere, Gasser battled the Galaxy Rangers while the Galactabeasts sucked his noxious gasses from the air, an action which turned them into stone. While he proceeded to try and destroy the sentient Zords in their petrified state, their respective Rangers were able to revive them with the power of their Transdaggers, which transformed their beasts into Galactazords.

Gasser was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord and was later revived by Hexuba in The Lost Galaxy. The sorceress who sought to take her vengeance on the Rangers for foiling her plans in a previous episode, but Gasser was destroyed with a single blast from Leo's fire power.

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