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"Lord Pierre......I, Galvalia, am at your beck and call."
―Garubaria's first words[src]
"Lord Pierre, I did my best!"
―Garubaria's final words before his initial demise[src]

Endurance Psyma Beast Garubaria (忍耐力サイマ獣ガルバリア, Nintai Saimajū Garubaria) is a pig Psyma Beast originally under Dark King Zylpheeza as well as his Final Psyma Beast.


The Infinity Chain Card

Character History

Garubaria was brought forth by Pierre in order to demonstrate to Salamandes the power of the "Infinity Chain Card", a special magic card that allows to build up resistance to attacks, where one attack hits and thus prevents it from ever being useful against anyone who holds that card ever again. During an initial battle, he gains resistance to the FiveLaser and Go Blasters working as intended. However due to an accident involving roses, he ends up switching bodies with Tsugumi Inui, the daughter of Capital City Fire Department's Kenji Inui who was there due to a marriage interview with Matoi. Tsugumi in Garubaria's body tries to tell GoGoFive who she was and not be destroyed by him, while Garubaria in Tsugumi's body tries to mess up the marriage interview. Eventually when they realize the mistake, another accident involving roses restores Tsugumi, but switches Garubaria's mind with that of Matoi; thus allowing the Psyma Beast to become GoRed. However, once Tsugumi catches on, she uses roses to switch GoRed and the Psyma Beast back to their proper bodies. Yet even after he switches back, Garubaria is still tough to defeat, with the team using both the Big V-Buster and Hyper Five before finally putting him down.

After Pierre uses the Resurrection Card on Garubaria, the team uses Victory Mars, hitting him with both Beetle Mars laser, the Jet Lance and the Mars Flare before finally destroying him fully. Yet even with its death, the Infinity Chain Card returns to Pierre, having completed its initial mission in collecting battle data for further resistance.


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Garubaria has one of the strongest defenses and endurance of the Psyma Beasts, being able to withstand multiple attacks and finishers without going down; it also uses an axe in combat. However its most bizarre ability is the power to switch bodies with anyone within its vicinity whenever it and a victim both smell the scent of roses. This weird ability allows for it to switch bodies multiple times, including becoming GoRed at one point.

When possessing the body of Matoi Tatsumi, he can become GoRed with the Go Brace and use all weapons available as a GoGoFive member; such as the V-Lancer he uses when fighting against the team.





Rescue Mecha


Behind the Scenes


concept art


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Garubaria Cos

Garubaria in storage.

  • His motifs are based off of a wild boar, a Gladiator, and a Native American Indian.
  • His name is a pun on "Galvalume" (ガルバリウム, Garubariamu)
  • Reason for unadapted for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue due to almost all footage involving GoGoV members unmorphed and Matoi.


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