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""You won't get away this time. And the Gargoyle Of The Gates will take care of you!""
Koragg telling Claire that she was trapped and telling the Rangers of the next monster.[src]

The Gargoyle Of The Gates is a massive Gargoyle-like creature and is one of the many monster's of the Underworld. It serves as a supporting antagonist in the second part of the episode "The Gatekeeper".

Character History

After the Gates to the Underworld were brought to the surface, this Gargoyle-like creature was unleashed on the city of Briarwood. It first appeared after Koragg kidnapped Claire and tried to kill the Rangers but they morphed into the Mystic Titans and knocked it back. The Rangers jumped into action and formed the Titan Megazord to battle it. However, the monster was too fast and powerful for the Rangers, and managed to send the Megazord into the Gates, thus cracking them and unleashing Morticon. The Rangers were outnumbered, and defeated by his Dark Magic Strike with the monster seeming to vanish from the battle for a while. But they quickly regrouped and continued fighting. While Nick went to rescue Clare, Madison, Chip, Xander and Vida the, Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan Forms. They formed the Titan Megazord Dragon Formation and were able to destroy the Gargoyle with the Dragon's Fire Blast.


Gargoyle of the Gates is extremely violent, destructive, perfidious and unrelenting beast. He always only speaks in roars and is shown that he is fond of causing chaos and destruction in Briarwood. Despite he never speaks it is also shown that he dislikes rangers and about to destroy them at any cost. But he is also loyal to Morticon.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Blast: The Gargoyle of the Gates can fire an invisible force from it's eyes.
  • Teleportation: The Gargoyle of the Gates can teleport to any location instaneously, making it able to easily dodge the Mystic Spell Seal finishing move.


  • Strength: The Gargoyle of the Gates is a lot stronger compared to previous monsters, being able to best the Titan Megazord in battle and knocking it into the Gates of the Underworld hard enough to split the gates with one swing of it's staff.
  • Speed: The Gargoyle of the Gates is very fast and can easily avoid the Titan Megazord's attacks.


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  • Gargoyle Staff: The Gargoyle of the Gates is armed with a huge staff with three fork like blades on the tip for combat.
    • Lighting Beam: The Gargoyle of the Gates can fire red lighting beams from it's staff. THese caused enormous explosions behind the Rangers but they were ineffective as they were morphing into the Mystic Titans.
    • Energy Blast: The Gargoyle of the Gates can also fire an energy blast from it's staff which caused enormous explosions around the Mystic Dragon but it easily dodged them.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Seeing as Morticon died shortly after the Gargoyle, this is the final monster to be summoned by Morticon
  • Despite having wings behind it's back, the Gargoyle of the Gates is never seen flying.
  • The Gargoyle of the Gates is the third and final monster to be seen in giant form, the first is the Dark Troll, the second is the Giant Spider.
  • It does not appear in US Footages.


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