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"Most untrue! I, Galaga, hail from a long lineage within the Catastrophiend Family. So as a Catastrophiend Beast of the grandest of statures, make use of me in your hour of need."
―Reward Psyma Beast Garaga's first words[src]
"Caught it!"
―Reward Psyma Beast Garaga's final words before his initial demise[src]

Reward Psyma Beast Garaga (ご褒美サイマ獣ガラガ Gohōbi Saimajū Garaga) is a crow-theme Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza.

Character History

Although a Psyma Beast that was supposed to be under Zylpheeza, Pierre takes the card without the Psyma sibling noticing and summons him after he loses another potential Psyma Beast weapon, the Strongest Psyma Beast Demos, to the human thief Reggie. Initially asking Garaga to get "the egg" back, it ends up searching around a supermarket stealing chicken eggs idiotically before Pierre reigns him in. When Reggie sends out a hostage note to both GoGoFive and Pierre regarding the egg, Garaga supports him while the Rangers fight him to prevent him from getting the egg. In the end, Reggie coordinates throwing the egg to Garaga as GoGoFive fire Calamity Breaker at him, killing both the Psyma Beast and destroying Demos' egg.

Out of anger of his failure, Pierre uses a Golem Card to revive the Psyma Beast into Golem Garaga; GoGoFive use the Grand Fire on Grand Liner to break down his armor protection before finally destroying him with the Grand Storm.


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Powers and Abilities


As a crow Psyma Beast, Garaga mostly has abilities of flight and attacking with his beak. After becoming Golem Garaga, he gains a knight helmet and new shoulder pads to protect him from attacks.

Behind the Scenes


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  • He Was The Only GoGoFive Monster To Disguise Himself As A Human.

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