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A list of merchandise from the 25th Super Sentai Series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

Roleplay Items

HSG gphonemodes.jpg

Transformation Phone G-Phone (変身携帯Gフォン Henshin Keitai Jī Fon) was released in February 2001. It is the series's main transformation item and comes with 5 interchangeable heads for each Gaoranger.

HSG jokset.jpg

Beast King Sword (獣皇剣 Jūōken) was released in February 2001. The set includes the weapon, holster, Gaoranger belt buckle, a GaoRed chest badge, and five Gao Jewels of the main five Power Animals.

HSG hajahyakujuuken.jpg

Evil-Crushing Hundred-Beast Sword Set (破邪百獣剣セット Haja Hyakujūken Setto) is a set of five weapons that combine into the Gaorangers' team weapon. The set also includes GaoYellow's Feather Cutters.

HSG gaomanebuster.jpg

Gao Mane Buster (ガオメインバスター Gao Mein Basutā) was released in March 2001. It has light and sound gimmicks.

HSG gbraceclosed.jpg

G Brace Phone (Gブレスフォン Jī Buresu Fon) was released in June 2001. It is GaoSilver's wearable transformation item.

HSG hustlerset.jpg

Gao Hustler Rod (ガオハスラーロッド Gao Hasurā Roddo) was released in June 2001. The set includes GaoSilver's weapon, his belt buckle, and his three Gao Jewels.

HSG falconsummonertransparent.png

Falcon Summoner (ファルコンサモナー Farukon Samonā) was released in September 2001. The package includes five empty golden Gao Jewels. It is compatible with the Beast King Sword and plays a special sound when they are combined.

HSG Gaoicarusjewels.jpg

Power Animal GaoIcarus Jewel Set (パワーアニマル ガオイカロス 宝珠セット Pawā Animaru Gao Ikarosu Hōju Setto) is a special set of Gao Jewels that was sent to Terebi-kun subscribers. The five glitter-injected Gao Jewels came in a special tin case.

Box Art Gallery

DX Mecha

*Shoulder decals not applied

Hyakujuu Combination DX Chogokin GaoKing (百獣合体 DX 超合金ガオキング Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gao Kingu) was released in March 2001 for ¥6000. It is a set of GaoLion, GaoEagle, GaoShark, GaoBison, GaoTiger, and a base with the Gaoranger emblem. Because it is part of the Chogokin line, it has several die-cast parts.

*Shoulder decals not applied

Hyakujuu Combination DX Chogokin GaoKing Black Version (百獣合体 DX 超合金ガオキング ブラックバージョン Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gao Kingu Burakku Bājon) was released in September 2001 for ¥6500. It is a repaint of GaoKing in a black and gray color scheme. The packaging was also changed to a monochrome design.

HSG DXgaomuscle1.jpg

Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoMuscle (百獣合体 DX ガオマッスル Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Gao Massuru) was released in 2001 for ¥7500. It is a set of GaoGorilla, GaoEagle, GaoBison, GaoBear, and GaoPolar.

HSG DXsoulbird.jpg

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger DX Soul Bird (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー DX ソウルバード Hyakujū Sentai Gaorenjā Derakkusu Souru Bādo) was released in June 2001 for ¥8500. It is a larger version of Soul Bird that was packaged with a GaoRed figure. It includes an RCA AV cable that can be connected to a television to play Gaoranger-themed minigames.

*Shoulder decals not applied

Majuu Combination DX GaoHunter (魔獣合体 DX ガオハンター Majū Gattai Derakkusu Gao Hantā) was released in June 2001 for ¥6000. It is a set of GaoWolf, GaoHammerhead, and GaoLigator. Near the end of July 2001, it was repackaged and sold as "Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoHunter" with GaoHunter Justice on the face of the box.

*Shoulder decals not applied

Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoHunter Special Edition: GaoLigator Blue Version (百獣合体 DX ガオハンター 特別版 ガオリゲーターブルーバージョン Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Gao Hantā Tokubetsuhan Gao Rigētā Burū Bājon) was a rerelease of the GaoHunter set with a repainted GaoLigator to recreate GaoHunter Blue Moon. The packaging is a monotone blue version of the "Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoHunter" box.

HSG DXgaoicarus.jpg

Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoIcarus (百獣合体 DX ガオイカロス Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Gao Ikarosu) was released in December 2001 for ¥10,000. It is a set of GaoFalcon, GaoGiraffe, GaoRhinos, GaoMadillo, and GaoDeers.

HSG DXgaoknight.jpg

Hyakujuu Combination DX GaoKnight (百獣合体 DX ガオナイト Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Gao Naito) was a Toys-R-Us exclusive. This set includes GaoKong, GaoEagle, GaoShark, GaoBison, GaoTiger, and a special black version of GaoElephant.

HSG DXgaogod.jpg

Hyakujuu Combination DX Chogokin GaoGod (百獣合体 DX 超合金ガオゴッド Hyakujū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gao Goddo) was released in December 2001 for ¥7000. It is a set of GaoLeon, GaoCondor, GaoSawshark, GaoBuffalo, GaoJaguar, and a base with the Gaoranger emblem. It has the same amount of die-cast parts as DX GaoKing.

Power Animal Series

HSG gaoelephant.jpg

Power Animal Series 1: GaoElephant (パワーアニマルシリーズ1 ガオエレファント Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 1 Gao Erefanto) was released in March 2001 for ¥1500. It includes the Gao Jewel insert for GaoElephant.

HSG DXgaogiraffe.jpg

Power Animal Series 2: GaoGiraffe (パワーアニマルシリーズ2 ガオジュラフ Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 2 Gao Jurafu) was released in April 2001 for ¥1500. It includes the Gao Jewel insert for GaoGiraffe.

HSG DXbears.jpg

Power Animal Series 3: GaoBear & GaoPolar (パワーアニマルシリーズ3 ガオベアー&ガオポーラー Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 3 Gao Beā & Gao Pōrā) were released in April 2001 for ¥3000. Both Gao Jewel inserts for GaoBear and GaoPolar are included.

HSG DXgaogorilla.jpg

Power Animal Series 4: GaoGorilla (パワーアニマルシリーズ4 ガオゴリラ Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 4 Gao Gorira) was released in May 2001 for ¥2000. It includes the Gao Jewel insert for GaoGorilla.

HSG DXgaorhinos.jpg

Power Animal Series 5: GaoRhinos & GaoMadillo (パワーアニマルシリーズ5 ガオライノス&ガオマジロ Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 5 Gao Rainosu & GaoMajiro) were released in August 2001 for ¥3000. Both Gao Jewel inserts for GaoRhinos and GaoMadillo are included.

HSG DXgaodeers.jpg

Power Animal Series 6: GaoDeers (パワーアニマルシリーズ6 ガオディアス Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 6 Gao Diasu) was released in August 2001 for ¥1500. It includes the Gao Jewel insert for GaoDeers.

HSG DXgaofalcon.jpg

Power Animal Series 7: GaoFalcon (パワーアニマルシリーズ7 ガオファルコン Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 7 Gao Farukon) was released for ¥4000. It includes the Gao Jewel insert for GaoFalcon.

HSG soulbird.jpg

Power Animal Series 8: Soul Bird (パワーアニマルシリーズ8 ソウルバード Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 8 Sōru Bādo) was released for ¥2000. It includes five miniature Gaoranger figures and the Gao Jewel insert for Piyo-chan.

Size comparison with the GaoLion from DX GaoKing

Power Animal Series 9: DX GaoLion (パワーアニマルシリーズ9 DX ガオライオン Pawāanimaru Shirīzu 9 Derakkusu Gao Raion) was released in December 2001 for ¥4000. It is a large version of GaoLion that could be used to create the GaoKentaurus formation. It also has the ability to shoot missiles from its shoulders.

HSG gaokong.jpg

Power Animal Series SP: GaoKong (パワーアニマルシリーズSP ガオコング Pawāanimaru Shirīzu SP Gao Kongu) was released in September 2001 for ¥2000. It includes a gold-colored Gao Jewel insert for GaoKong. It is a repaint of GaoGorilla with a newly molded head for the GaoKnight combination. While the GaoKnight set was a Toys-R-Us exclusive, GaoKong was available at all retailers.

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

5" Figures & Vehicles

HSG 5inred.jpg
HSG 5infigures.jpg
HSG wolfroaderset.jpg

Each figure came with a sidearm, their personal weapon, and a rideable version of the Power Animal partner.

  • GaoRed & GaoLion Set (ガオレッド&ガオライオンセット Gao Reddo & Gao Raion Setto)
  • GaoYellow & GaoEagle Set (ガオイエロー&ガオイーグルセット)
  • GaoBlue & GaoShark Set (ガオブルー&ガオシャークセット)
  • GaoBlack & GaoBison Set (ガオブラック&ガオバイソンセット)
  • GaoWhite & GaoTiger Set (ガオホワイト&ガオタイガーセット)
  • GaoSilver & Wolf Roader Set (ガオシルバー&ウルフローダーセット Gao Shirubā & Urufu Rōda Setto)

Yutaka Brand

HSG soundsenshi.jpg

Sound Warriors (サウンド戦士 Saundo Senshi) are figures manufactured by Yutaka that measure approximately 16 centimeters tall. There is a button on the back that activates sound effects when pressed.

Banpresto Brand

HSG actiongaobp.jpg

Action Rangers: Small action figures produced by Banpresto. Each figure measures a mere 8 centimeters tall and comes with a Beast King Sword.

Vinyl Figures

Sh gaoranger.jpeg

The Sentai Hero Series (戦隊ヒーローシリーズ Sentai Hīrō Shirīzu) is a toyline manufactured by Bandai. Each figure stands about 17 centimeters tall. Gaoranger marked the beginning of this line with the release of three figures. Later series would have their entire teams released as part of this line.

The GaoRed and GaoSilver figures were later slightly revamped and re-released in 2011 as part of Gokaiger's Legend Sentai Hero Series which also introduced new figures of pre-Gaoranger teams.

HSG 5set.jpg

Hyakujuu Sentai 5 Set (百獣戦隊5セット Hyakujū Faibu Setto) is a set of soft vinyls measuring about 9 centimeters tall.


25 Red Heroes Collection (25戦隊レッドヒーロー大集合 Nijū-go Sentai Reddo Hīrō Dai Shūgō) is a set of 25 red rangers from Gorenger to Gaoranger that was released in commemoration of Super Sentai's 25th anniversary. Each figure stands approximately 11.5 centimeters tall.

HSG gaoheroes.jpg

Gaoranger Heroes (ガオレンジャーヒーロー Gaorenjā Hīrō) are small soft vinyl figures sold as candy toys. Each of the five Gaorangers was packaged separately.

HSG twinset.jpg

Twin Sets are packages of two vinyl figures released under Bandai's Yutaka label.

  1. GaoRed & GaoBlack
  2. GaoSilver & Duke Org Rouki

Large Vinyls

HSG bigsofubi.jpeg

Extra-Large Real Figures (とく大リアルフィギュア Tokudai Riaru Figyua) are 30 centimeter tall soft vinyl figures that were gifted to Terebi-kun subscribers. Two figures were produced, GaoRed with a Beast King Sword and GaoSilver with the Gao Hustler Rod. A special translucent version of GaoRed was also awarded to 100 subscribers.

Mini Vinyls

HSG fingerpuppets.jpg

Gaoranger Finger Puppets were produced by Yutaka. They are 4 centimeter tall chibi-style non-poseable figures. Yutaka released two sets, a "Hero Edition" and a "Mecha Edition".

HSG chibikeychains.jpg

Ichiban Kuji Gaoranger (一番くじガオレンジャー): 5 chibi-style keychains produced by Banpresto.

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla


Minipla GaoKing (ミニプラ ガオキング Minipura Gao Kingu)

  1. GaoLion
  2. GaoEagle
  3. GaoShark
  4. GaoBison
  5. GaoTiger


Minipla Power Animals (ミニプラ パワーアニマルズ Minipura Pawā Animaruzu)

  1. GaoElephant
  2. GaoGiraffe
  3. GaoBear
  4. GaoPolar
  5. GaoGorilla


Minipla GaoHunter (ミニプラ ガオハンター Minipura Gao Hantā)

  1. GaoWolf & GaoHammerhead
  2. GaoLigator


Minipla GaoIcarus (ミニプラ ガオイカロス Minipura Gao Ikarosu)

  1. GaoRhinos & GaoMadillo
  2. GaoDeers & Gao Spear
  3. GaoFalcon

Roleplay Items


Super Gao Jewels (スーパーガオ宝珠 Sūpāgao Hōju) are superball-like version of the Gao Jewels. There were 17 different Gao Jewels that came in three different finishes: silver, metallic colored, and gold; which made a total of 51 different Gao Jewels.

HSG gaokit.jpg

Gaoranger Kits (ガオレンジャーキット Gaorenjā Kitto) are miniature plastic models of the Gaorangers' individual weapons that can be combined to form the Haja Hyakujuuken.

HSG soundgao.jpg

Sound Gaoranger (サウンドガオレンジャー Saundo Gaorenjā) are candy toy versions of the G-Phone, Beast King Sword, and Gao Mane Buster that have sound gimmicks.

Figures & Miscellaneous

HSG actiongao.jpg

Action Gaoranger (アクションガオレンジャー Akushon Gaorenjā) are action figures with a button on the back that makes their arms move. Each Gaoranger is packaged separately and comes with their individual weapons which can combine in the Haja Hyakujuuken.

HSG actionPA.jpg

Action Power Animals (アクションパワーアニマル Akushon Pawā Animaru) are walking/swimming Power Animal figures. Four different Power Animals were available: GaoLion, GaoShark, GaoElephant, and GaoGorilla.


GaoGod is a fully assembled candy toy that stands about half the size of the DX version.

CharaEgg Sentai Hero Series (キャラエッグ 戦隊ヒーローシリーズ) was a line of mini figures in blind boxes. This second and final set consisted of 17 different figures, including the Gaorangers and Rouki along with Denziman and Jetman teams. A display box was also released and included figures of a Dustler, Grinam Soldier, and two Orgettes: one with standard colors and a red version.


HSG GP-HG1.jpg

HG Series: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (HGシリーズ 百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー)

  • GaoRed
  • GaoYellow
  • GaoBlue
  • GaoBlack
  • Gao White

HSG GP-HG2.jpg

HG Series: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger 2 (HGシリーズ 百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー2)

  • GaoKing
  • GaoMuscle
  • GaoHunter
  • GaoIcarus
  • GaoSilver
  • Duke Org Rouki

Shadow MoonIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider OhjaIcon-crosswiki.png, HakaiderIcon-crosswiki.png, Dark Knight, Duke Org Rouki

Duke Org Rouki was featured as part of Ultimate Solid: The Dark Heroes (アルティメットソリッド ザ・ダークヒーローズ Arutimetto Soriddo Za Dāku Hīrōzu), a gashapon set released by Bandai in 2007.



合体百獣 Beast Team: A bootleg plastic model kit of GaoGod. It is in the style of Minipla with the ability to separate each component and it is slightly larger than the Minipla GaoKing. Although the arms are reversed, the robot face lacks the mouth piece and is incredibly simplistic, and the colors do not resemble GaoGod's color scheme at all, it still has a certain appeal for collectors since no official GaoGod Minipla model was ever released.

Exclusive Releases

GaoLion Special Editions

GaoLion Special Color Editions (ガオライオン 特別カラー版 Gao Raion Tokubetsu Karā-ban) are repainted versions of GaoLion in white, blue, and black. 1000 of each were produced and awarded to 3000 entrants to the "Gaoranger Campaign". The black version has a similar color scheme as GaoLeon, although it does not have gold paint on its legs.

Gold Plated Power Animals

Gold Plated Power Animals Set (金ピカパワーアニマル Kin Pika Pawā Animaru) was a special prize of the "Gaoranger Campaign" that was awarded to 30 entrants. It is a 10-piece set that included GaoLion, GaoEagle, GaoShark, GaoBison, GaoTiger, GaoElephant, GaoGiraffe, GaoBear, GaoPolar, and GaoGorilla. The prize was also delivered to the winners by an in-suit GaoRed.

5-Color Plated GaoKing

5-Color Plated GaoKing (5色メッキガオキング Goshiki Mekki Gao Kingu) was a prize in drawing held by Terebi-kun Magazine. Only three entrants were selected for this exclusive version. Each Power Animal is cast in a shiny, metallic version of their main color.

HSG goldgaoicarus.jpg

Gold Plated GaoIcarus (金ピカガオイカロス Kin Pika Gao Ikarasu) was a prize in drawing held by Terebi-kun Magazine. Only three entrants were selected for this exclusive version. Second place winners were awarded with the DX Falcon Summoner and third place winners received the DX GaoDeers.

Gold Plated GaoGod

Gold Plated GaoGod (金ピカガオゴッド Kin Pika Gao Goddo) was a prize in yet another drawing held by Terebi-kun Magazine. Only three entrants were selected for this exclusive version and it was delivered by GaoSilver.

Special Edition GaoGod Box

Special Edition GaoGod (特別版 ガオゴッド Tokubetsu-ban Gao Goddo) was a prize of the "Power Animal Campaign". It was packaged with a special Power Animal VHS tape (特製パワーアニマルビデオ Tokusei Pawā Animaru Bideo).


GaoPanda (ガオパンダ) was the prize in a drawing held by Terebi-kun Magazine alongside their production of the Gao Access CD. A total of 100 names were drawn to receive the prize. It is a repaint of GaoBear/GaoPolar.


Power Animal Series SP: GaoApe (パワーアニマルシリーズSP ガオエイプ Pawā Animaru Shirīzu SP Gao Eipu) was available for special order with the purchase of "Super Sentai Art Collection" (スーパー戦隊アートコレクション Supā Sentai Āto Korekushon) which was released in 2002, making GaoApe the final release of the Power Animal series. It is a black version of GaoKong, so it has GaoKnight's head when combined.

Silver Plated GaoHunter

Silver Plated Power Animals (銀メッキパワーアニマル Gin Mekki Pawā Animaru) were only distributed by Bandai Asia. The box art for Bandai Asia's Power Animal series differs from the Bandai Japan versions and some of the set-only Power Animals were packaged individually.

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