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"Hundred-Beasts Power, Zenkai Gaon! (百獣パワー, ゼンカイガオーン! Hyakujū Pawā, Zenkai Gaōn!)[1]"
―Zenkai Gaon's Roll Call[src]

"Non-Burnable Power! Zenkai Gaon!"
―Zenkai Gaon’s Roll Call in episode 6

"Jealousy Power! Zenkai Gaon!"
―Zenkai Gaon’s Roll Call in episode 18

Gaon (ガオーン Gaōn) is Zenkai Gaon (ゼンカイガオーン Zenkai Gaōn), the Yellow Ranger of the Zenkaigers in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.[2][3][4] He is the third member to join the team.

Character History

Arriving on Earth

Gaon was one of the many Kikainoids who were mysteriously transported to Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!

Meeting Kaito

About one month after arriving on Earth, he and many other Kikainoids and Humans suddenly discovered mushrooms growing on their heads. When the Zenkaigers appeared in the public to recruit new members, Gaon was present among the crowd. Although he grew fond of Kaito and wanted to befriend him, he hesitated to join their cause as he did not want to fight. However, he changed his mind when Mushroom World caused the mushrooms on his head (and everyone else's) to release poisonous spores and harm the little animals he was admiring.

Angered, Gaon decided to join the Zenkaigers and received a Geartlinger. Like Juran before, he initially used it to shoot a Kudakk. Kaito then taught him how to use the gun to transform into Zenkai Gaon. When Zenkaizer was punched away by the monster, he managed to break his fall and catch him safely. Two of them together performed a finisher that destroyed Mushroom World, which removed his mushrooms and harmful spores on Earth.

Later, when Zenkai Juran transformed into a giant dinosaur to engage Great Mushroom World, Gaon followed suit and transformed into GaonLion. Although his agility gave him the upper hand, his bickering with Juran allowed the giant monster to defeat them both. Zenkaizer intervened and made them combine into Zenkai Gattai ZenkaiOh. Although he was upset with this turn of events, the trio managed to work together and land a finisher on Great Mushroom World, destroying him and freeing the imprisoned Kinokotopia.

After the battle, Gaon was brought to Candy Cafe Colorful and introduced to Kaito's grandmother, Yastude and Secchan. Although he was pleased to make the former's acquaintance, he casually threw the robotic bird aside, much to its displeasure. As Secchan tried to drag Kaito away to search for more Zenkaigers, Gaon held him back, causing a quarrel between the two. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 2-kai! The Gao Beast is Troublesome!


Gaon is a peaceful Kikainoid who loves to admire and befriend organic creatures (primarily cats and dogs), including humans. He dislikes Kikainoids and hates being one himself, as he considers machines to be hard, bulky and cold to the touch, which is why he mostly avoids to socialize and interact with them. In particular, he is disgusted by the cruel acts of the Tojitendo Dynasty's dictatorship. His loathing for mechanical lifeforms extends to non-Kikainoids such as Secchan, a robotic bird.

Due to this Gaon can be a handful, as he and Juran constantly argued during their first meeting, and continue to do so afterwards. Furthering this, he also snapped quickly at newer members Vroon and Magine before they officially joined the team. When he eventually joined the Zenkaigers, he compromised his loathing of mechanical beings, as he wanted to protect the humans and animals being tormented by the Tojitendo.

His admiration for biological beings hampers his fighting at points and can interfere with the team, as he will even protect those he thinks are human no matter what side they are on, such as Stacey and his summoned Rangers who Gaon believed were human as well. Gaon was only able to fight the false Rangers since Kaito and him concluded they were fakes. Gaon is less than hesitant about shooting Kikainoids, however, as he willingly shot an affected Vroon to let Kaito escape.

Being a cook, he is very meticulous when it comes to preparing meals for the Goshikidas, though he dismisses any Kikainoid who tries and enjoys his dishes.

After spending more time with his team and being confronted by Juran during Bullfighting World's rampage, Gaon reconsiders how he has been cold to the others when they have always been nice and considerate to him. He turns a new leaf, and finally sees Kikainoids as not as awful as he believed, going to the point of sacrificing himself to distract Bullfighting World's mindwashed minions.

Powers and Abilities

Green LED lights in Gaon's torso, shoulders, and tail

  • Kikainoid Physiology: As a robotic being, Gaon displays the following abilities:
    • Poison Spore Immunity: All the Kikainoids were completely unaffected by the poisonous spores produced by Mushroom World's mushrooms, which caused shortness of breath in organic lifeforms.
    • LED Lights: Gaon's torso, shoulders, lower legs, and tail feature green LED lights, which allows him (and presumably others) to see in the dark when activated.



"Ni-Juu-Go Bang! Bang Bang! Bang Bang! Bang Bang! Babababang! Zenkai Gaon!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 196 cm[5]
  • Weight: 340 kg
  • Speed: 150 km/h
  • Power: 1400

While all the Zenkaigers excel at gunfighting, Zenkai Gaon uses a chaotic and feral combat style, often flailing around and pouncing like a wild animal and savagely slicing his opponents with the Gaon Claw. He is also very agile and light-footed in spite of his bulky appearance.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 2-

"Big Bang! Go! Go! Go-Go Go! Zenkai Gaon!"
―Transformation announcement via Transformation Gun Geartlinger[src]

By switching his Sentai Gear to its Kikai Side, Zenkai Gaon grows larger, allowing him to fight the Kudaitests. Zenkai Gaon can transform into his mecha form, GaonLion (ガオーンライオン GaōnRaion). In this form, Gaon can combine as the right half of any standard ZenkaiOh combination, but with the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon forms the left arm of Zenryoku ZenkaiOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 2-

Transformation and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


Gaon is named after the Super Sentai team Gaoranger.


  • Unlike the other Kikainoid Zenkaigers, Zenkai Gaon's helmet does not fully match his past Sentai Robo basis, as it features a blank mouth plate instead of a sculpted face.



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