This article is about a/an team of precursor heroes in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

The Warriors of the Gaorangers.

The Gao Warriors are the predecessors of the Gaorangers. They were chosen by Murasaki and Power Animals to protect the Earth from the polluting forces of Ogre Tribe Org. When Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru appeared, they battled it with GaoGod, but the org proved too powerful for them. The org killed GaoGod, but they survive. The sixth warrior, Shirogane, was forced to use Dark Wolf Mask to give him extra power, as he was not strong enough to combine his Power Animals into one to battle the org. Thanks to the mask, he was able to defeat Hyakkimaru using GaoHunter. However, the mask turned him into Duke Org Rouki and he was sealed away by his comrades. The remaining warriors continued to battle the orgs and eventually, died at the hands of their enemies. To pay tribute, a monument was erected in Kamuino to honor them.

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