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GaoGod (ガオゴッド GaoGoddo) is the God of the Power Animals (パワーアニマルの神 Pawā Animaru no Kami). He is comprised of the five God Power Animals (ゴッドパワーアニマル Goddo Pawā Animaru). Tetomu refers to him as Wild God (荒神様 Aragami-sama). He can manifeste himself in the form of a human boy called Futaro (風太郎 Fūtarō, The Windy Boy).


As GaoGod, his attacks are Beast God: Wild God Sword (神獣荒神剣 Shinjū: Aragamiken)-an energized slash with GaoSawshark's bill-and Heaven's Punishment: Power Arrow (天誅パワーアロー Tenchū: Pawā Arō), where he detaches his horns to use as a bow and shoot GaoSawshark's bill like an arrow.

He was used by the ancient Gaorangers and ancestors of the current Gaorangers' totem Power Animals: GaoLeon (ガオレオン GaoReon), who forms the torso and is the black version of GaoLion; GaoCondor (ガオコンドル GaoKondoru) who forms the head and is a blue bird similar to GaoEagle, the only differences are that the parts on its tail that become the horns on GaoGod's helmet are used as the bow for the Power Arrow, as well as the wings being raised instead of wrapped around GaoLeon's head; GaoSawshark (ガオソーシャーク GaoSōshāku), who forms the right arm, and is a maroon shark with a saw bill that is used as GaoGod's sword, making it slightly similar to GaoShark; GaoBuffalo (ガオバッファロー GaoBaffarō), who forms the legs and is similar to GaoBison; and GaoJaguar (ガオジャガー GaoJagā), who forms the left arm and is similar to GaoTiger. In the movie, he was piloted by GaoSilver.

GaoGod was killed 1,000 years ago by Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru, which forced Shirogane to don the Dark Mask. In the present day, he appeared in spirit form to help the Gaorangers restore Shirogane to normal, including temporarily eclipsing the full moon which caused Duke Org Rouki to temporarily revert back to Shirogane. Later, as GaoRed & GaoSilver were fighting Highness Duke Org Ura, he was revived as the human boy incarnation named Futaro and guided the four Gaorangers in the afterlife. When they awakened GaoFalcon and were resurrected, he was as well. As Futaro, he was unaware of his true form at first, but slowly began to remember after meeting his old friend, Shirogane, and listening to Tetomu perform Murasaki's song.

After seeing how the humans had polluted Earth, he transformed into GaoGod and took the Power Animals from the Gaorangers, deeming that humanity does not deserve their help because humans are wasteful creatures and only pollute the Earth. But after the Gaorangers showed their will to protect the Earth and its creatures, he revealed that he had been actually testing them as he aided GaoHunter Blue Moon. He returned the Power Animals and left the duty to protect the Earth in the hands of the Gaorangers.

He later returned to notify the Gaorangers of the final Org, helping Tetomu in sealing the Matrix and in the fight against Ultimate Org Senki, where he was killed again but was revived with the others and the God Power Animals helped destroy Senki. As Futaro he was last seen attending a picnic with his friends in the credits of the final episode.


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GaoGod is voiced by Hiroshi Masuoka. In his human form, he is portrayed by Daiki Arioka.

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