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Gao's Rock

Gao's Rock (ガオズロック Gaozurokku) is the main headquarters of the Gaorangers during their battle against the Ogre Tribe Org.


Its appearance is similar to that of a small stone turtle, in comparison to the larger flying turtle-like form of the Sky Island Animarium used to protect the Power Animals. Its flight capability allows for the team to fly throughout Japan to search for other Power Animals or to respond to Org attacks. Its most notable room is a central meeting place with a spring where Tetomu resides in and takes readings that discover information regarding Org attacks, used both for seeings or to watch bubbling whenever a flux is found the team should know about. It also has smaller living rooms where the five Gaoranger reside and sleep in when not on duty. Whenever she is not needed, Tetomu generally lies dormant within the spring.

One of Gao's Rock most notable abilities is the ability to remain untraceable to the Orgs. However during Highness Duke Org Rasetsu's final scheme, he used a spawn he created and implanted into Kakeru Shishi's G-Phone to locate Gao's Rock and begin an all-out attack in order to both take it down and destroy it. After his attacks lower the headquarters and turn it upside-down to make it potentially helpless, he grows giant in order to destroy the base but is only stopped due to Tetomu sneaking back into the spring to the Animarium in order to summon the Power Animals due to the Gaoranger's own connection ruined by Rasetsu's spawn. The base is ultimately restored to a functioning capacity after Rasetsu is finally defeated.Quest 44: Gao’s Rock FallsQuest 45: Fighting Until the End

After the Orgs are finally stopped, Tetomu decides to move Gao's Rock to the Moon as she goes into hibernation until the day she is needed again.Final Quest: The Hundred Beasts Roar!!

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