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"But I wanted to be on top of the world!"
―final words before death

Ganima Noshiagalda (ガニマ・ノシアガルダ Ganima Noshiagaruda) is a chimera-themed Status Quintuple Gold Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler equipped with the Kishiryu from the Ryusoulgers and also the host and partner of the Griffon Minosaur. He is the main antagonist of the Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger VS Lupinranger VS Patranger and the final Gangler Monster to be faced in general.

Physical Appearance

Character History

At some point, he was abducted and experimented on by Goche, having attached multiple safes on his body at a secret location. However, she met her end to the Lupinrangers and Patrangers before she could finish him, leaving him locked away and forgotten in his cell.

After a year, he was found by Kleon who was trying to find a new hideout. Yearning to be free, Kleon used his negative energy to create a powerful Minosaur that help him break free from his cell. No longer negative, and learning that the Gangler are all but gone, he used this oppertunity to become the new Gangler leader. Being brought up to date about current events by Kleon, Ganima sought out the Kishiryu and succeeded in sealing them away in his safes to use their powers for his own. He soon started to wreck havoc on the city, while also ordering Kleon and his Minosaur to find the Lupinranger and take their Dial Fighters away, knowing they're the only ones who could free the Kishiryu from his safes. His concerns for them, however, completely vanished after a battle with the Ryusoulger where he used

Ganima Noshiagalda, used Empowerment to become Gold Safe.png

Tyramigo's power; it transformed all of his safes from standard to gold, which not only increased his fighting power, but now made opening all the safes at once impossible (since a gold safe requires 2 Dial Fighters to open and he has 5, a total of 10 would be require from the Lupinrangers' total 8). He also knows that the Ryusoulger would have to kill their friends in order to stop them, something he knew would never happen. On the day of the final battle, the Ryusoulger tried to use their finishing attack on him, but Koh stops, letting Ganima attack them and laughs at them, figuring that freeing them would be impossible. The Lupinrangers and Patrangers soon join them, having finally found a way to open the safes. With the help of Noel, he created new Ryusouls so Koh, Melto, and Asuna can become new Lupinrangers. With the extra Dial Fighters, they finally managed to open up the safes and free the Kishiryus, much to the anger of Ganima. With nothing holding them back, all teams unleashed their most powerful attacks on him and finally brought his reign to an end.


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  • Staff: Ganima wields a double-tipped staff with a cube design.

Powers and Abilities

  • Safe entrapment: Much like Dogranio Yaboon, Ganima can trap anything in his safe, even objects that are too large to fit.
  • Portal Creation: Like other Gangler generals, he could open a portal to go from one place to another.
  • Pyrokinesis: Due to having Kishiryu DimeVolcano equipped within his left front safe, it grants Ganima with fire-based abilities.
  • Geokinesis: Due to having Kishiryu Pachygaroo & Kishiryu Chibigaroo equipped within his right front safe, it grants Ganima with earth-based abilities.
  • Hydrokinesis: Due to having Kishiryu MosaRex equipped within his left back safe, it grants Ganima with water-based abilities.
  • Cryokinesis: Due to having Kishiryu Pterardon equipped within his right back safe, it grants Ganima with ice-based abilities.
  • Empowerment: Due to having Kishiryu Tyramigo equipped within his middle front safe, Ganima can change his safe from normal to gold and even make himself stronger.


  • Height: 199 cm
  • Weight: 219 kg
  • Criminal Record: Kidnapping the Kishiryu
  • Lupin Collection:
  • Gangler Safe Location: Entire front (3) and back of the lower torso (2)
  • Password Number:
    • Middle Safe: Not shown
    • Left Front Safe: Not shown
    • Right Front Safe: Not shown
    • Left Back Safe: Not shown
    • Right Back Safe: Not shown
  • Safe Designation: Status Quint ◄► Status Quint Gold (with Tyramigo's power)

Behind the Scenes



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Concept Art

  • Animal Theme: Chimera
    • Due to his animal theme, He is the first (and currently only) Gangler Monster not to have a Prehistoric Animal Basis but instead is based on a mythological creature (which fits in with the theme of the Minosaurs).
    • His chimera-theme brings to mind Gestalt Hades Beastman Chimera from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
  • Ganima is the first and only Status Quintuple Gold Gangler to appear.
  • His design seems to be similar to the Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger colors and their animal motifs. According to the Ryusoulger Official Perfect Book, the head and torso evokes the traits of Zyuoh Gorilla instead of Zyuoh Eagle, the right arm evokes the traits of Zyuoh Tiger, the left arm is based on a sea lion with a beach ball, which evokes the traits of  Zyuoh Lion, the right leg evokes the traits of Zyuoh Elephant, and the left leg is based on a sturgeon with caviar, which evokes the traits of Zyuoh Shark.
    • The reason of using motifs of sea lion and sturgeon with caviar is to avoid collide with Raimon Gaorufang and Rabroom Jaws,whom were based on lion and shark respectively.
    • Ganima's weapon also hints at this similarity as the design on each end of the staff has a similar design to the buildings of the Zyuman Civilization.
  • His name "Noshiagalda" may be a play on the term "nostalgia", referring to his design being inspired by the animal motifs of a past sentai season.
  • Ganima's head has a slightly similar design to the head of Victorious Saint Geldring from the Metal Heroes show Choujinki Metalder.


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