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"Look out! It's a tag team!"
Boxertron introducing Gammadrone and Betadrone.[src]

Gammadrone was a Gigadrone Gamma Model created from the data of Boxertron and one of his four counterparts in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.


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Gammadrone is introduced after the destruction of Alphadrone alongside Betadrone. Gammadrone initially stays out of the battle whilst Betadrone fights the Racer Zord although it is tagged in once it is kicked down by the Racer Zord. Gammadrone initially distracts the Racer Zord by dancing but then unleashes multiple devastating kicks that shake it up. After multiple kicks, Gammadrone kicks it back into the ropes and Betadrone grabs the Zord by it's arm. Gammadrone then performs a massive kick but the Racer Zord breaks free and the kick instead destroys Betadrone. When Deltadrone arrives, they team-up and wipe the floor with the Racer Zord but the Racer Zord turns the tide with a devastating double kick and they are all thrown out of Boxertron when the Beast-X King Ultrazord stabs him with its lance. They quickly recover and unleash a flurry of attacks on the Ultrazord but it is completely unfazed and Gammadrone is obliterated by the Ultra Slash.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: Despite its appearance, the Gammadrone possessesed a high level of strength since multiple kicks from it knocked back the Racer Zord and required Cruise to activate the Emergency Repair System to withstand the beating and a swing kick destroyed Betadrone.
  • Durability: Gammadrone had strong armored skin that took a "huge" double kick from the Racer Zord to the chest (alongside Deltadrone) but only fell to one knee and soon recovered.
  • Expert Kick Boxer: Gammadrone was clearly a very good kick boxer, overwhelming the Racer Zord very quickly.


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  • Boxing Boots: Like Boxertron, this Gigadrone had a pair of massive red boxing boots in battle.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The four boxing Gigadrones represented a different element of boxing or sports performed at the Olympics. Gammadrone represents kick boxing.


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