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"I'm Rolling in Something Now...!"
―Gamettsui's final words[src]

Gamettsui (ガメッツイ Gamettsui) is the first Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule the industrial planet Zigama and the one who Balance betrayed.

Character History

Gamettsui is the first Daikaan to appear, and the Daikaan of Planet Jigama in the Sagittarius System from Planet Tutan in the Lacerta System. He is armed with the Tutan Gun handgun. Though defeated by Shishi Red, Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver, Gamettsui is enlarged before being destroyed by 01*03*04*05*06 KyurenOh Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!


Gamettsui loves money, and doesn't care how he gets it, or who he has to destroy to get it. Gamettsui also takes pride in being a Daikkan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gappo Tail (ガッポ尻尾 Gappo Shikao): Gammetsui's tail that can be use as a whip.


  • Tutan Gun (ツタンガン Tsutangan): Gammetsui's primary gun that can shoot energy balls.


  • Title: Daikan of Zigama
  • Born: Tutan of Lacerta
  • Category: Creature Alien
  • Inrō: Right Chest
  • Favorites: Golds and Land Taxes
  • Aka: Miser of the Space

Behind the Scenes




concept art

  • He is themed after the constellation Lacerta.
  • Gammetsui's appearance is based on Tutankhamun and his face resembles the soul-eating deity Ammit.
  • Gammetsui's name is come from Gametsui (がめつい), means greedy in Traditional Japanese.
  • His design shows similarities to Dora Sphinx and Dora Ladon from Zyuranger.


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