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Gamerugin (ガメルギン Gamerugin) is a turtle-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History


Gamerugin is a creature used twenty years in the past during Zone's invasion of Sidon after Doctor Hoshikawa's mission leads to the growth of the first ever flower bloom on the planet. With the Zone generals leading, Gamerugin attacks the Hoshikawa family and destroys their entire work on the planet, which ultimately leads to the doctor and his wife fighting to protect their work while forcing their five children to be escorted by Arthur G6 back onto Magma Base to return to Earth.Ep. 1: The Five Sibling Warriors

Gamerugin re-emerged once again to assist Zone when Fiveman invade a base they were building in Japan to front their invasion. Using their abilities, the team defeat it with the Brother Attack, leading to Zone's usage of Gorlin #01 to absorb and make it become a giant. As a giant, it becomes the first to fight FiveRobo, ultimately falling to its Super-Dimension Sword.Ep. 2: Father's Payback! Mother's Payback


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  • Gamerugin has massive strength, spikes on its body and the ability to fly by retracting its body into its shell; it can also emit chains and lasers from its mouth to attack.

Behind the Scenes


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