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"Ready players 1 and 2?"
―Gamertron's first words upon being created.[src]
"Welcome players. You've chosen multiplayer mode. Difficulty level: hardcore."
―Gamertron when creating the Evil Beast Morphers Rangers.[src]
"Uh oh!"
―Gamertron reacting to Devon combining his sidearms into the Beast-X Cannon and her final words before her death.[src]

Gamertron[1] is a game controller-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Gamertron was created by Robo Roxy after she injected a video game controller with Morph X energy to destroy the Power Rangers. With Nate and Steel preoccupied with battling Robo Roxy and Robo Blaze, Devon is left to fight Gamertron with Zoey and Ravi. However, after they kicked her back, she created evil clones of them to destroy them and defend her.

Robo Roxy infecting the game controller to create Gamertron.

Later, Gamertron tied up a truck driver and attempted to use the supply of game consoles to create an army of Gamertrons. However, the real Rangers caught up to her and engaged the evil clones in a final fight; Nate and Steel left to help the truck driver while the remaining Rangers battled the evil clones. After her clones were destroyed, Gamertron was finally destroyed by Devon and his Beast-X Cannon.


  • Gamertron's personality is similar to a gaming computer with most of her lines relating to games and players in a style similar to most other Robotrons of the past.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Gamertron was hit by a devastating either Beast Blast or Striker Beast Blast (it is unclear which) which set her on fire and sent her flying but she remained unfazed.
  • Cloning: Gamertron can create digital clones of the Rangers to engage the real ones in combat. She accomplishes this by projecting a large blue beam out of her chest which would form duplicates of the Rangers to fight their counterparts. The only downside to this is that due to a design flaw in the game she was made from, her clones will freeze up if hit in a specific order.


  • Fists-Although unarmed, Gamertron has large fists capable of severely damaging her enemies.
  • Chest Scanner-Gammertron has a massive scanner on her chest from which she created her Evil Ranger team.
  • Staff-Due to poor editing, Gamertron can be seen holding a massive staff when she dies despite not having one before. This is due to cutting an entire scene from Go-Busters.

Behind the Scenes


  • Gamertron is voiced by Lori Dungey, who voiced Crazar 13 years earlier and portrayed Mrs. Bell in the preceding seasons.
    • Gamertron's voice sounds identical to Crazar but with less snarling and with an effect added to make it more robotic.


  • As she appears in a milestone episode, specifically the 900th episode, Gamertron is the first monster to appear in a milestone episode since Smokescreen in Dino Charge and is the first female monster to do so.
  • Gamertron's counterpart was created from a film projector, which is why she has a massive lense on her torso.
  • The reason that Gamertron can be seen suddenly holding a staff when she explodes is that in the original Go-Busters plot, Filmloid showed the Rangers their greatest desires which only Hiromu (Devon's counterpart) fell for although he snapped out of it. Filmloid tries to break him emotionally by killing them with energy bolts from his staff but Yoko (Zoey's counterpart) and Ryuji (Ravi's counterpart) took the hit instead.
    • This entire scene was cut due to Devon's counterpart's face being very visible.
  • Gamertron is the first female Robotron.
  • Gamertron's latent ability to clone Rangers makes her similar to monsters such as Onikage and to a lesser extent Goldwinger (who sent Tori to another dimension) and the Twin Man (who merely allowed Putties and himself to take on the forms of the main five Rangers at that time). The most recent example before her to duplicate Rangers was Crazar who created the Evil Overdrive Rangers and was also voiced by Lori Dungey.
    • This does not count Duplicon from Dino Charge because he merely copied the Rangers' morphed forms onto Vivix instead of creating completely new beings.
  • Her first quote, 'Ready Players 1 and 2?' is likely based off the title of the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline which was also made into a movie.

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