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"Gigadrone incoming in Sector Foxtrot 05."
―Commander Shaw alerting the Beast Morpher Rangers of the incoming Gamerdrone.[src]

Gamerdrone is a Beta Model Gigadrone created from the data of Gamertron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season 2.

Character History

Gamerdrone was deployed to Earth by Scrozzle (from off-screen) immediately after Gamertron's destruction. Upon arriving, it engulfed part of Sector 05 in a Morph-X draining dome, which began sapping Morph-X from everything inside it. The Rangers, having been alerted to the Gigadrone's approach by Commander Shaw, deployed in their Beast-X Ultrazord. They used their lance to slash a hole in the dome and entered it. Gamerdrone fired upon them, but the Ultrazord used its lance to deflect most of the blasts. Zoey then noticed their Morph X levels were dropping, and Nate realized that the dome was draining the Ultrazord's fuel.

Despite losing a lot of fuel, the Ultrazord landed a couple blows on Gamerdrone with its lance. Gamerdrone grabbed hold of the lance when they tried to stab her in the chest. However, they forced the Gigadrone to let go by shooting her with the Ultra Blast. Devon then summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and obliterated Gamerdrone with the Beast-X Ultra Strike, making the dome disappear. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game On

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Gamerdrone was strong enough to grab and maintain a hold of the Ultrazord's lance when it was thrusted at her chest.
  • Durability: Gamerdrone was able to shrug off multiple slashes from the Ultrazord's lance and survived the Ultra Blast with little if any actual damage although she was forced to release the lance.
  • Morph-X Draining Dome: Gamerdrone can project a dome around herself that drains Morph-X from anything inside, including the Rangers' Ultrazord.
  • Head Lasers: Gamerdrone can fire large green colored energy lasers from her projector-like head, these lasers are shown to be quite strong, and can be fired in rapid succession.


  • Bladed Fists: Gamerdrone has large blades on its fists which it uses to stab and slash its enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • The reason that it has a film projector on its head is because its counterpart, FilmZord, was based upon a Metaloid who was created from a film projector.
    • It can be inferred that the change of motif was due to Gamertron's more futuristic appearance when compared to other Robotrons.
  • Gamerdrone is the first Gigadrone to successfully steal Morph-X since Turbodrone.
    • Shockadrone was sent to act as a distraction (alongside its Robotron counterpart) for Vargoyle, the objective of Unidentified Gigadrone 1 is unclear but it failed regardless, Unidentified Gigadrone 2 was destroyed before it could even properly reach the tower, Spikedrone just appeared to be sent to destroy the city but failed regardless, Infernodrone broke through its Morph-X Tower but didn't actually steal any before being destroyed, Drilldrone 2.0 was destroyed before it could collect any raw Morph-X, and Trapperdrone was destroyed before it had a chance to attack a tower.

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