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Game On! is the third episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-fifth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It's also the 900th overall Power Rangers episode.


It's not all fun and games when Devon's favorite video game is brought to life in the form of a new Robotron.


At Riptide Gym, Devon is competing at the Coral Harbor's E-Sport Championship tournament. Nate explains to Evox, in his Mayor Daniels disguise, how Extreme Brawler 3 works. The game controllers use a combination of Augmented Reality and hard light hologram tech to project life size avatars of the characters to life, even touch things. Seeing the fight in action gives Evox an idea, he excuses himself to make a call. During the fight, Devon's opponent Kerry, somehow makes his character freeze up. Just as she's about to finish off Devon, Robo Roxy and Robo Blaze show up unannounced. As the crowd flees, the robot avatars steal Kerry system. The Rangers morph and fend off the arrived Tronics. Kerry and her crutch bound brother Louie escape outside and see Roxy and Blaze turn her controller into Gamertron. Meanwhile, while cleaning up, Ben and Betty come across a game called Dance Fiesta. When they activate it, Juan, a holographic dancer, materializes. Betty willingly becomes his dance partner, and is instantly infatuated with him.

The rangers arrive to fight, only for Gamertron to create copies of the original three Beast Morpher Rangers. However the copies are too powerful, and end up losing to the copies. Back at Grid Battleforce, the rangers are discussing how to beat the copies, when Kerry arrives. Morphing to hide their identities, Kerry reveals a bug in Extreme Brawler 3 she discovered: when a character is hit with a precise combination of strikes, it will freeze up. Devon realizes that was what happened, and that Kerry was cheating. Kerry apologies, revealing that she did so to win the prize money to pay for Louie's operation. The rangers learn the technique and have to hurry, discovering Gamertron has hijacked a shipment of Extreme Brawler 3 games to mass produce an army of herself. The rangers arrive and manage to defeat the copies of themselves and Gamertron is destroyed by Devon and his Beast-X Cannon. Afterwards, Gamerdrone has arrived, but has also projected a barrier around itself and several buildings. Forming the Beast-X Ultrazord, the rangers enter it, where Nate discovers what happening, the barrier is syphoning off Morph X from the enclosed area, including from the Ultrazord. Realizing they have to finish this quickly the rangers quickly end the Gigadrone Betty tries to tell Juan she wants a love affair, but he just wants to dance and do nothing else. Ben saves the day by shutting him down, and Betty declares her brother her hero.. Sometime later, Devon and Kerry finish their match, with Kerry opting not to use the bug, leading to Devon's win. Honored by this, Devon gives her the prize money. Meanwhile Evox goes outside, meets up with Robo Blaze and Robo Roxy, morphs back to his original form and the trio teleport back to the Crystal Dimension.



  • Nate describes Backstreet Brawler 3 as "augmented reality" using hard light holograms, but that doesn't match the defintion of augmented reality. AR games are ones where camera footage (usually from a phone) has elements from the game added to it on the device's screen. The best known such game is Pokemon Go, where the Pokemon in the game are found in real-world locations the player must visit. This game which simply projects hard light holograms into reality itself has more in common with virtual reality.
  • Gamertron says she has captured a truck full of consoles, but the boxes say "Backstreet Brawler 3 Gaming Consoles". However, since both Devon and Kerry are seen placing game cartridges into the console, it's unclear what the console actually is.
  • Before Devon shoots Gamertron, she doesn’t hold anything but when it comes to the shot of her exploding, she is holding a staff.
    • The reason for this error is that, in the original plot, Filmloid showed the Rangers their greatest desires which only Hiromu fell for although he snapped out of it. Filmloid tries to break him emotionally by killing them with energy bolts from his staff but Yoko (Zoey's counterpart) and Ryuji (Ravi's counterpart) took the hit instead. This entire scene was cut due to Devon's counterpart's face being very visible.
  • When Devon finishes off Gamertron, Ravi and Zoey simply disappear during the finishing blast. They run up immediately after, but as the clones had been defeated and there were no Tronics, it's entirely unclear where they would have gone.
  • Kerry refers to Gamertron's Rangers as "his Rangers" at one point, but she's a female.
    • When Gamertron is destroyed, Zoey also says "Got him!"
  • Somehow Robo-Roxy's cape ends up on her head during the first fight, when moment earlier it wasn't.


  • In the S.P.D. episode "Stakeout", Sky and Jack are seen playing a video game in which the characters also appear as holograms just like in Devon's game. Perhaps this was a reference to that season since S.P.D would take place 5 years later.
  • Scrozzle does not appear in this episode and the human Blaze and Roxy are not present either.
  • Extreme Brawler 3 appears to be a parody of either Street Fighter or Tekken but with a more modern VR twist.
  • The gaming consoles in the episode are original creations, however, the trophy sports a gold PlayStation 3 DualShock controller and the controller Gamertron is created from happens to be a modified Logitech F710 gamepad.
  • Sensei Bones, the character Devon dressed up as in Hypnotic Halloween appears as Devon's video game avatar.
  • This episode is the first milestone episode to feature a female monster of the week since most others either didn't have monsters or only had male villains.
  • The Evil Beast Morphers Rangers are the first true Evil Ranger team since the Evil Overdrive Rangers 13 years earlier since Duplicon merely copied the Rangers' suits onto Vivix and didn't create whole new beings.
  • This is the first episode where Evox morphs out of his Mayor Daniels disguise in full view.
  • This episode shares the same title as the Dino Thunder episode.
    • However, this episode uses an exclamation point ("Game On!") whereas the Dino Thunder episode has no punctuation ("Game On").
  • Juan is portrayed by James Davies; who previously portrayed Chase Randall in Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, and voiced Spoil in the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode '"Monster Mix-Up'".

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