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"Game time, Rangers!"
―Game Face's first lines to the Rangers.[src]

"We're gonna make you jump through hoops!"
―Game Face as he and the army of Vivix attacks the Rangers with a basketball.[src]

"I'm outta my league!"
―Game Face before being defeated for the first time by the Dino Charge Rangers.[src]

"We're into overtime, Rangers!"
―Game Face after being grown by the Magna Beam.[src]

"Three Strikes, I'm out!"
―Game Face's final words before his first death.[src]

"It's a whole new ball game!"
―Game Face after being reanimated.[src]

"School's Out!"
―Game Face's final words before his second defeat.[src]

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Game Face is a sports equipment-themed outlaw serving Heckyl. He appears in the episode "Home Run Koda".


Game Face is summoned by Fury to tangle with the Rangers. After his first strike fails, Heckyl threatens to destroy him, until he reasons that both him and Fury are correct when stating the raid was a failure because the Vivix are out of shape, as they inhale treats whenever they get the chance. After he is given one more chance, Game Face has his Doom Squad train hard overseen by him, the Spikeballs, Wrench, and Fury. When he discovers his explosive bat is with Koda, he is exhilarated, as the bat itself is explosive and will destroy those close to it if detonated. However, Koda throws it into the air, allowing it to burst harmlessly. While his now-improved Doom Squad initially overwhelms the heroes, their new Victory Charger proves decisive in their triumph. As the entire team is grown giant, the Rangers summon the Plesio Charge, Dino Charge, and Ptera Charge Megazords to engage them. The Ptera Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation destroys the Vivix with the first strike, the Plesio Charge Megazord Ankylo Formation dispatches the Spikeballs, and the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation deals the initial hard blow to Game Face, the outlaw being finished off by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation's Galactic Blast.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Home Run Koda

He was revived by Wrench along with Nightmare. Both of them fought by the side of Professor Strickler. Although the plan to switch the Rangers' bodies did work, the Rangers managed to overcome this and he gets destroyed by T-Rex Super Charge Victory Maximum Strike and later on gets enlarged by the Magna Beam. Game Face was destroyed for good by the Dino Charge Ultrazord's Titano Cannon Final Strike.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Freaky Fightday


Personality wise, Game Face acts very much like a gym teacher/coach. As a sports player, Game Face is very competitive and thinks highly of himself. He is shown to be quite good friends with Wrench, as the two even compliment each other, like two tag team players. He is severe with the Spikeballs and Vivix, making them train and toughen up, as only superstars make the cut for his Doom Squad. He initially sees his minions, specially the Vivix, as laughable lightweights and sorry sacks of seaweed as well as faceless fools. However, he comes to approve of them. He also enjoys testing his own abilities, in which he is pushed to the absolute limit and beyond against the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Game Face can teleport to any location at will.
  • Head Removal: Game Face can take his ball-shaped head off to throw it at the Rangers without accidentally killing himself.


  • Extraordinary Leaper: Game Face can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Speech: Game Face is able to talk despite not having a visible mouth.


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  • Explosive Bat: Game Face possesses an explosive bat, which can hit targets with explosive force and is an explosive itself, being able to be detonated if he is close enough to the target that holds or possesses it. In the beginning of the episode, it was used by the Blue Ranger.
  • Baseball Glove: Game Face also possesses a baseball glove on his left hand to catch upcoming balls.
  • Terrifying Tennis Rackets: Game Face also has tennis rackets for the Vivix to hold for battle.
    • Cannon Balls: The tennis rackets have tennis balls that when hit on on contact with the target, will explode.
  • Fatal Footballs: Game Face also possesses footballs to be held by Vivix, that when thrown, will charge up with bright blue energy and explode on contact.
  • Brutal Baseballs: Game Face also carries baseballs to be held by the Vivix, that when thrown in a "Power Pitch", will explode on contact.
  • Ground Bombs: Game Face also has ground bombs that, with a press on a button, will explode. It's mainly used to make the Vivix go faster while on training.
  • Basketballs: Game Face also has basketballs for both combat and to train the Vivix.
    • Explosion: Despite their appearance, these balls carry powerful forces because if thrown by Game Face into a "Free Throw", it can cause an explosion.
  • Baseball Bats: When enlarged, Game Face carries baseball bats for the Vivix and the Spikeballs to carry for combat.
  • Fiery Fastball: Game Face's strongest weapon, which is a baseball that can be thrown at full force, causing it to charge up with fire and split into a baseball bat, a baseball glove, a tennis racket, a boxing glove, a golf club, a basket ball and a baseball, all the while ambushing the target with great force.

Behind the Scenes



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  • While most of the weapons are "sports-based", Game Face has the widest arsenal of weaponry out of any monster in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series.
  • In the episode "Freaky Fightday", it is revealed that Game Face can use his head as a ball.
  • Game Face is the first monster to be fought by the Rangers' Dino Victory Charger.
  • Game Face was confirmed to exist in the first wave of Dino Super Charge toys.[1]
  • Game Face was an Outlaw not seen in the background of the prison cells before being used in a plot.


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