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Gambler Velito (賭博師・ベリト Tobakushi Berito), also known as Prisoner #614. A small alien with a robotic and mechanical exosuit who was sentenced to 20 years in confinement. A fight club owner who would fix the fights to win gambling bets. He used his exosuit to pose as the referee, taking advantage of the losing customers. The Timerangers found out by accident, while hired to look for Shinji Ozaki, who was a victim of Velito's deception. The Timerangers managed to flush Velito out, freezing him with the Voltech Bazooka before he had his exosuit set to autopilot and enlarge itself. As it was only an exosuit and not a criminal, it was destroyed by TimeRobo Beta.

  • Gambler Velito's motif is the one of a Octopus for the small alien and a lobster for the robot body
  • Depression Seals Location:
    • Left Arm of the Robot Body.
    • Unknown where on the Alien



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