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Gamalar (ガマラー Gamarā) is Vader Monster "17" of the Vader Clan


Gamalar is sent to deceive the sister of a scientist working on a solar motor that General Hedrer wishes to obtain. Using his ninja abilities to become a prince, he seduces the girl in a world of fantasy while giving her a ring which in reality was a camera to record her brother's home and find out how to reach the plans to the motor. Ultimately the girl weakens to the point of allowing her "prince" into the home, but the Denziman prepare and attack him once inside due to discovering the ring and its methods before it could cause harm. Gamalar uses its illusions to deceive the Denziman, even appearing to create a giant version of itself that reforms after being "destroyed" by the Electric Full-Moon Cut. Discovering the small Vader Monster casting its illusions on the ground, the Denziman return to the surface and face off with it before finally destroying it for good with the DenziStick Boomerang.


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Powers and Abilities


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His main ability is to use a "ninja" transformation to create illusions in order to deceive his opponents and use this to disguise himself as a human. He also has abilities in ESP including contacting a victim via telepathy he wishes to manipulate through his deceptions, telekinesis, teleporting, summoning lightning and fog, and reforming his body. He can also use a knife, a halberd, and flames from his mouth.

Behind the Scenes


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  • "Gama" - "Frog, Toad"


  • Gamalar's transformations tend to involve characters that are associated with frogs:
    • His becoming a prince is in reference to the Grimm Brothers fairy tale "The Frog Prince"
    • His transformation into a ninja is associated with the Japanese folk tale "The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya", where the titular ninja has the ability to become a toad


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