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Gali (ガリ Gari): A indentured servant of Nue, Gali sold his soul to the Youkai in 1986 to save his daughter's life after a car crash in America. To keep his end of the bargain, Nue made Gali his personal assassin, bestowing him some of his power and the use of an arm-mounted claw. As one of his first missions, Gali murdered the father of Jiraiya. As a penance, Gali raised Jiraiya in secret with attempt to train the boy to kill him once Jiraiya was old enough to overpower Gali in combat, giving his student a pendant. Gali's intent was achieved when Nue sent him after Jiraiya when he was looking for his Shinobi Scroll. Though Jiraiya was reluctant at first, he agreed to fight when Gali was about to kill Sasuke, learning the truth of his father's murder. Though he managed to mortally wound Gali, Jiraiya lacked the nerve to kill him. But Gali died from the wounds after revealing the truth behind the murder, later buried by Jiraiya out of respect.


  • Gali is also the name of the (de facto) first Toa of Water in the Bionicle franchise.
  • He is played by Sho Kosugi, who is Kane Kosugi's real life father and best known for playing ninja characters in popular films from the Seventies to the Eighties.
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