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Galga (ガルガ Garuga) is a Space Beast of of the Great Star League Gozma.

Character History

An owl-like space beast with the abilities of flight and shooting lightning. Its most notable power is the release of a super-sonic wave that can brainwash whoever is hit by it to its command.

Galga is originally used by Shiima to try and help her take Giluke, but the attack fails and Shiima loses her memory in the process, changing her into a more feminine persona. With Shiima lost to them, Ahames uses Galga to brainwash her in order to use her against the Changeman, particularly Tsurugi who had gained a connection with the transformed invader. Once Shiima regains her memory after saving Tsurugi's life, she and Booba leave Galga to defeat the team, who is easily defeated by the Power Bazooka, then by two Dengeki-ken attacks from Change Robo.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 46: Beautiful Shiima!


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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