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Galaxy Plant Sidon Demon (銀河植物シドンデモン Gingashokubutsu Shidondemon) (15) is a creature created by Galactic Empress Meadow using a Sidon Flower to help Captain Garoa on Earth.

Character History

The Sidon Demon was created by Meadow out of a crushed Sidon Flower growing in a junkyard where Gaku and Garoa held a showdown, with Meadow hoping to use this symbol of the Fiveman to their own disadvantage while assisting her commander. The flower grew vines around town while threatening the populace until Garoa had his showdown with FiveRed; but with Gaku training his sword combat for the true showdown, Ken decides to become FiveRed to fight in Gaku's place until he was ready. The Sidon Demon created the "arena" for the duo to fight, assisting Garoa until Gaku comes to their aid and FiveRed is revealed to be FiveBlue. The Sidon Demon allows the true FiveRed into the arena where he finally defeats Garoa in sword combat.

With his defeat, Garoa summons Gorlin #13, which becomes constricted by the Sidon Demon using it like armor. Fiveman has a hard time using FiveRobo against the flower/Gorlin combination until Gaku decides to use his V-Sword technique to slice off the flower that controlled the vines. Once the flower is destroyed, the remaining vines and the Gorlin are destroyed by the remaining Fiveman in FiveRobo.



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  • It can create large, constricting vines that can hurt people and block entry if used as a barrier.

Behind the Scenes


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