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Barrugin (バールギン Bārugin) (20) is bull-like the Galactic Wizard allied with the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Barrugin is summoned by Garoa to assist in the management of Fiveman as well as to assist in the capture of the Galactic Wolf Gunther after he and Gaku become caught in a battle regarding the mecha Star Five, which the wanderer brought to Earth and the eldest Hoshikawa believed was developed by his father. After an initial combat on the ground to bind up both Gaku and Gunther, he grows giant size forcing the younger Hoshikawa to use the damaged FiveRobo to try and hold him off. After Gunther and Gaku use Garoa's incompetence to break out of capture, Barrugin uses a spell that encases Gunther in motionless stone and throws him back into space. When Fiveman discover from a broadcast by their father that Star Five is theirs and that it can combine with FiveRobo, the team unite both mecha into Super FiveRobo, which uses its overwhelming power to crush Barrugin, defeating it with the Super Vector Punch.


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  • Barrugin utilizes various abilities in magic to fight against opponents, including object manipulation and modification and projectile spells.

Behind the Scenes


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