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Galactic Swordsman Billion (銀河剣士ビリオン Ginga Kenshi Birion) is a swordsman warrior loyal to the Silver Imperial Army Zone.

Character History

A lover of liquor and swords, this sadistic left-handed warrior enjoys fighting. When he finds an even minimally weaker foe, he challenges to battle and defeats him. He is bitter rivals with FiveRed.

He would not hesitate to execute a plan even at the cost of a comrade's welfare. He is scheming and manipulative, most of the time using others to accomplish his goals. This can be seen in the different types of monsters and strategies he chose in contrast to Doldora and Dongoros. He possesses a strange code to ally with others, but tending to use them for his own desires in combat instead of as pure allies: this includes his former partner Torarugin whom he was willing to use to defeat Gaku Hoshikawa in combat; as well as the love-struck girl Mirian Solar, who he only chose to date at one point in order to use a monster form of hers to help stop Fiveman. Billon possesses a code where he seems to care about those he strikes down, which can be misinterpreted as actual respect for his enemies; but in the case of Solar, he may have actually had slight feelings for her despite using her for his own means.Ep. 3: Challenge! The Galactic TigerEp. 39: Please Love Me

While using Galactic Demon Sword Saberugin, Billion evolved into the more powerful Saber Billion (サーベルビリオン Sāberu 'Birion) after it had absorbed the power gained from a boy using the demon sword, able to enlarge himself to fight the Five Robo. However, once his weapon was destroyed, Billion returned to normal.Ep. 40: Boy Majin Sword

After being witness to Baradorugin's creation from Doldora and Zaza to his disgust of the revelation of Vulgyre using them all for its own means, Billion attempts to kill Gaku when Gunther intervene and died as a result. He then battles FiveRed one on one in a final duel, shattering his sake bottle and discarding his cape, before he ultimately killed by FiveRed's flying sword thrust attack using his FiveTector armor, causing him to explode after he got close to victory.Ep. 46: The Whereabouts of Our Parents



  • His main weapon is his sword, which he wields left-handed in combat; as well as a cunning, strategic mind for using whatever strategy for victory. When wielding Galactic Demon Sword Saberugin, he merely gets an upgraded strength the first time; but gains greater powers such as special armor and the ability to grow giant after Saberugin absorbs enough energy from a boy to empower it further.




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Behind the Scenes

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