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The Galactic Space Alliance (GSA) is a branch of military featured in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, primarily used to protect and power the space colony, Terra Venture.


The official formation of the Galactic Space Alliance is unknown and is speculated to be an alliance between Earth and alien planets such as Eltar, KO-35, Aquitar, or Triforia (and later Mirinoi, the new home planet of the survivors of Terra Venture). It makes its first appearance in Power Rangers universe in "Quasar Quest" as the Terra Venture prepared to leave Earth to find a new world. Prior to their departure, Commander Stanton prepped the soldiers with a final simulated battle on the moon, which lead GSA soldiers, Kai Chen, Kendrix Morgan, Mike Corbett and his brother Leo (a stowaway aboard the colony) to the planet of Mirinoi after rescuing Maya, a native of the planet, from Stingwingers.

Afterward the GSA's military are actively seen combating monster attacks from Scorpius (and later Trakeena and Captain Mutiny while in the Lost Galaxy) against the colony. Mike, upon being freed of the Magna Defender's possession, is recommissioned to Stanton's second-in-command and referred to as such by Bulk. The GSA's military also partakes in rescue missions (as seen in The Rescue Mission) when the colony is hailed by an SOS from an unknown species in need of immediate aid.

GSA Soldiers

Aside from military, the GSA also has a science division, responsible for the growth of food, plant life and research of such items as the Galaxy Book; Bulk and Professor Phenomenus worked briefly in the science division but were "canned" for reasons unknown and became bartenders at the Comet Cafe. The GSA's maintenance division, where Damon Henderson serves as chief mechanic, is responsible for the overall operation, power and life-support systems of the Terra Venture.


Standard GSA uniforms came in blue and red; Command Headquarters was manned by blues, and the Science Division primarily by reds, although some blues were often present in said division as well. No jobs beyond these two areas were explicitly shown, but such jobs were implied by the vast surplus of officers to available positions in the two areas.

Age among GSA officers also varied widely with no distinction in uniform type, yet a vast majority of GSA officers were either teenagers or adults (with the exception of Matthew, a young boy who stowed away on the colony to see space[1]). The limited number of older GSA officers shown would be limited to higher-ranking positions, such as science directors. Heliship pilots wore flight helmets with black GSA suits featuring GSA arm badges and breast oval badges.

Notable GSA Members


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