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"(Cosmo): It's time to give a big welcome to the willy, the cunning Galactic Ninjas!!!
(Wolvermean): Thank you, Cosmo. We’re here to show those earth ninjas who’s boss! I’m Wolvermean, stealer of memories and leader of these fearsome warriors! As our fans know, our power comes from mystical ninja medallions that make us unbeatable! It takes a Ninja to destroy a ninja, and I get to go first!
(Speedwing): Look out, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Speedwing, fastest Ninja alive. They’ll never see me coming!
(Rygore): Hua! I’m Rygore, the master of Surprise attacks and Strategy. I’ll bamboozle them all!
(Venoma): I'm Venoma, ninja of dangerous love! My poisonous charms will be their doom!
(Wolvermean): Together, we are...
(All): The Galactic Ninjas!
―The Galactic Ninjas' introduction.[src]

The Galactic Ninjas were a group of space ninjas with animal themes who appeared in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. They served as the Ninja Steel Rangers' foil.


The Galactic Ninjas were a team of space ninjas, apparently gaining fans throughout the universe with their exploits. They viewed earth ninjas as inferior and came to Earth to prove such to the Ninja Steel Rangers. Each Galactic Ninja wore a Ninja Medallion, their variation of the Ninja Power Stars.

Group History

After Game Goblin's plan is foiled, Badonna informs Madame Odius that she has booked the Galactic Ninjas to appear in the next episode of Galaxy Warriors, much to Odius' enlightenment. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game Plan

The Galactic Ninjas are introduced by Cosmo Royale amidst much fanfare as they introduce themselves and thier attributes. Thier leader Wolvermean is the first to fight the Rangers and goes to Earth where he steals Hayley, Preston, Sarah and Brody’s memories but Calvin and Levi trick him and get the memories back. He battles the Rangers with the Foxbots but is destroyed by Calvin’s Whiplash Slash and Lion Fire Red’s Lion Fire Slash (the attack collectively known as the Lion Fire Whiplash Strike). He gets gigantified by Cosmo but is defeated by the Ninja Steel Ultrazord after his laser attack fails. However, Wolvermean survives and changes back to normal size where he vows revenge before retreating. However, his medallion also survives and Madame Odius takes it whilst stating that it might come in handy. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

Speedwing is the next Galactic Ninja to fight the Rangers and uses his evil Speed Star to attack the Rangers at super speed but it is taken by Sarah unbeknownst to him. He apologizes to Wolvermean but Odius and Cosmo show him a clip from a Buzzcam showing him that Sarah took it. He goes to get it back and does but it gets stuck in Brody's helmet, and he runs very fast. It then gets stuck in Speedwing's back but the Rangers destroy him with the Super Steel Slash. He is gigantified, but is taken out by the Ninja Fusion Zord's Master Slash Final Attack and the Lion Fire Megazord's Lion Fire Slash Final Attack. His medallion is retrieved by Odius and she says when she gets all four, she’ll be able to complete her master plan to destroy the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Need for Speed

Rygore goes to Earth to fight the Power Rangers and overwhelms them but Victor and Monty interfere (thinking that he is a rare rhino). He shoos them away and uses some exploding jacks on the Rangers but Brody throws them back at him and he is forced to retreat. He later returns when the Rangers are camping and overwhelms them once again. He survives the Ninja Blaster and Rockstorm Guitar's finishers before using his Freeze Hammer on Preston which nearly kills him. Realizing that they does not have enough power to end this battle, Brody uses the Ninja Clone Star to generate six clones of the team. They then use their sidearms and Rockstorm Guitar to power up their Ninja Star Blades into a variation of the Steel Slash which critically wounds Rygore. Brody then powers into Lion Fire Mode and defeats Rygore with the Lion Fire Flame Strike Final Attack. He gets gigantified by Cosmo so they summon the Ninja Steel Ultrazord. Rygore rolls a two which allows his to perform his Mega Firecracker Explosion but is destroyed by the Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack before he can use it. Despite his death, Rygore's Medallion is taken by Madame Odius to power her evil Zord Foxatron which deploys immediately after Rygore's demise and defeats the Ultrazord as well as the Megazords. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Caught Red-Handed

When Wolvermean learns from Venoma that Odius is using the Ninja Medallions to power Foxatron, he is furious and demands to get his back. Odius however makes a deal with him, claiming that he'll get it back if he defeats the Rangers, with the catch being that he'll get destroyed by Foxatron as well if he fails to defeat them in two hours. He goes to Earth with Venoma, but after being defeated by the Five Ranger Ninja Strike, he retreated. He is later gigantified by Cosmo Royale offscreen and fights them in the Ninja Blaze Megazord but is easily pushed. Just when he was about to fight them again, the two hours are wasted, and Madame Odius' Foxatron stabs him in the back with its sword, saying that he had his chance and that it's her turn. Fatally wounded, Wolvermean curses Odius, calling her a treacherous, wicked witch, before flailing onto his back and exploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Outfoxed

After slaying Wolvermean, Odius calls Venoma and tells her to use her special powers on the Rangers. When she requests if it is necessary, Odius answers her that she has destroyed Wolvermean after he disappointed her and asks if she wants to know the same fate. Venoma accepts and requests at her mistress if she takes all the Power Stars she can leave with her medallion which has survived Foxatron's destruction. Odius says her that if she succeeds in her mission she will be free. Venoma commits to retaliate Galaxy Warriors' reputation and goes to Earth. She tries to cast a love spell on Sandy but one of her books protect her. However, she succeeds in infecting Brody, Calvin, and Levi who fall in love with her. But Preston, who was wearing a metal armor underneath his clothes, resists the love arrow's effect and destroy the last love arrow to free his friends and destroys Venoma after a fierce battle, his Blue Tornado Strike proving more effective than her Venom Slash. Cosmo gigantifies Venoma and she was about to kill Preston before the others arrived in the Blaze Zords. Venoms was overpowered by the Falcon Zord's Wing Strike before Preston summoned his Serpent Zord and they formed the Ninja Blaze Megazord. Venoms tries to "wrestle them to the ground" but they throw her off and take her down with the Serpent Punch. Brody called for the final attack and Venoma was destroyed once and for all by the Ranger Blast which marks the end of the Galactic Ninjas. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Love Stings


Speedwing (deceased) SSN-Ikkakusai.png|
Rygore (deceased) SSN-Suzumebachi.png|
Venoma (deceased)



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